Health: begin the fulfillment of increasing therapeutic wages next week

Thursday, February 11, 2016 - 8:01
Health: We will begin the fulfillment of increasing therapeutic wages next week
The Ministry of health and the environment, it will begin the fulfillment of wages "Avatar" in exchange for the provision of medical services to citizens as early as next week.
The Minister for Health and Environment Adila Hammoud, in a statement received Alsumaria News, a copy of which, "The ministry Stajabi fee for health services provided to citizens," saying it was "symbolic and does not constitute a significant burden on citizens, especially that it excludes a large segment of citizens from paying these fees and after obtaining the approval of the Council of Ministers during its regular and brief him on the extensive details about the new fees. "
She said Hammoud that "exceptions include emergency in all its forms and wounded the security forces and the crowd popular and terrorist operations and displaced persons and patients with tuberculosis, kidney failure, tumors, prisoners and detainees and the patients are asleep in public lounges in the al-Rashad Hospital, Ibn al-Quff, as well as care for pregnant women and school health programs and preventive assessed Health Organization global health. "
She noted the Minister of Health and Environment to "that although the increase relative constitute a fraction of what the government provides free spending to meet the delivery of health services, but it is the ministry will help to ensure the continuity of the sustainability of the provision of health services, until Iraq overcome the severe financial crisis," pointing out that "Article 25 within the Federal financial budget Law for the year 2016 will allow the fulfillment of the ministries fees for services provided to citizens. "
The Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday February 9, 2015, from the start the fulfillment of fees for health services provided to citizens from next week, and while considered such fees as "very symbolic", pointed out an exception slice "wide" of citizens from paying those fees.