UN: Oil continues to be a main source of revenue for Daash

Wednesday February 10, 2016 14:02

Alsumaria News / Baghdad,
said assistant secretary-general of the United Nations, Jeffrey Feltman, that " Daash " still traded oil despite UN resolution to prevent the financing of terrorism and the prohibition of any commercial activity with "Daash" or entities associated with it. In a report was followed by a meeting of the Security Council of the International Day Wednesday , Feltman recalled "Daash" capabilities to mobilize the great potential in record time. Feltman said that "the organization, which appeared in Syria and Iraq and the deep-rooted there as a result of conflicts and chaos using its financial resources and its relations with gangs criminal cross-border so that it could expand its activities to include new areas in the world".

"The main source of funds the organization comes from oil revenues and other natural resources in areas under his control, and the collection of taxes and confiscations, as well as the sale of looted relics, as it gets Daash the money it receives in the form of donations from abroad, as well as the ransom revenues, and the use of the internet and social networking sites in the collection of donations. " said Feltman in his report that" the United Nations has received from some countries data refer to plans and methods followed Daash in the export of fuel, but it can not verify the authenticity of this information is biased. " this, came in a report by the secretary-general of the United Nations publish the text on the eve of the Security Council meeting that "Daash" revenues from oil and gas sales looted the past year ranged between 400 and 500 million dollars. the UN Security Council, adopted on 17 December last resolution, which obliges countries of the world work to dry up the sources of terrorist financing and to impose a series of economic and financial sanctions on the actors involved in the oil and gas trade with "Daash."