First official agent General Company for Leather Industries in Karbala

Today, 17:32
Adoption of Engineer Ali Jubouri belt "first exclusive agent General Company for Leather Industries," in the holy city of Karbala.

Said Ali al-Jubouri, the official agent Belt General Company for Leather Industries, a branch of Karbala holy that "a few days before the opening of the first praise God for Leather Industries center in Karbala, an agency one for each province."

He said al-Jubouri, "Iqbal citizens was remarkable, women, men and children, came from the center and the outskirts of Karbala to shop and shop national products."

The Jubouri that "there are some difficulties and obstacles, most notably the lack of production and diversification in production, women's Products are of shoes and bags, as well as special products for children or non-existent a few."

As public company called "Reload some models in order to satisfy the tastes of young people because most of the shoes that we have is a formal shoes, and supplement the national industry of new and diversified products even satisfy public taste and the desire to segments of society all support sophisticated campaign of citizen support national industry and national products."