Abadi: Anti-corruption Council on his way to the adoption of important decisions {expanded}

02.10.2016 0:49

{Baghdad} Euphrates News said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi that "the fight against corruption on his way to the adoption of important decisions to address the weak performance during the last stage, the detection of the joints of corruption."

He said al-Abadi said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that "In the beginning I would like to congratulate our honorable occasion of victories prosecution achieved by our heroes on the battlefield, these victories achieved today and especially to open the road between the towns of Habbaniyah and Ramadi after the liberation of this road . "

He continued," since they were honored to take responsibility as prime minister, despite the serious security challenges and occupation Daash to one-third of the area of Iraq, we have set within our key objectives, the economic, financial and administrative reform theme in the forefront, in addition to the fight against corruption, but that the pace of work has been monotonous, It did not respond to what we adopted, and committed him to the House of Representatives and the people dear to work it, and in order to make a leap to stimulate the quality, we have launched three major reform packages in addressing sag and leak in our armed forces, and in the revitalization of the private sector, and culminated in the comprehensive reforms in August of 2015 package that blessed good reference and our people, where he addressed the relevant joints of focus has been in the government program axes, propagated immediately procedures limbering in senior positions, and the abolition of a number of ministries and other merge, and reduce the number of protections, and reducing the salaries of officials in the upper Darhat large proportions, and the placement of real estate occupied state by the Supreme and functional cadres to approved controls legally. "

And he finished by saying" it was our ambition to Taatzafar all political efforts and the political blocs and the House of Representatives in the work to achieve what Osilvnah, but that did not materialize in a manner and assertive and clear, and Joppena campaign of distortion did not want them Nglaba the public interest, has coincided with a significant collapse in oil prices in world markets in the past year as well as in this year; to fall to 85% from what it was two years before any are entered Iraq from revenue does not constitute only 15% of what it once was. "

He said, "However, we thank God, we were able to express our country and a half years of financial pressure, and the challenges of war expenses, and keep the country from collapse was imminent, with all the financial and economic standards, while many countries forced them to declare a cruel plans in spite of the large their assets and reserves huge and that Aimlkha Iraq. "

He added," We have it forced us to introduce the austerity budget for 2016 in order to avoid load treasury burden of internal and external borrowing.

We have found an opportunity to change trends in the fast moving real support for the private sector and also the partnership between the public sector and the private sector, it got an agreement with the Iraqi Central Bank to lend to industrial, agricultural and residential projects, as well as small and craft, especially the youth projects and who need special support to create jobs reaching financial allocations up to 6.5 trillion Iraqi dinars for these projects combined. And will launch a request loans form electronically through this month, God willing, under the supervision of a supreme committee keen to carefully selected to ensure the integrity and transparency, with private lending for university graduates and young people into account. "

He announced typical professional standards for the selection of the advanced cadres to the presidencies of independent bodies, and deputy ministers, and advisers mode, and general managers, will become of these sites available and directly both possessed efficiency and finds in himself the ability to assume their responsibilities.

In the area of tax reform and Alkmarki, Alapag said we have identified important obligations on the institutions concerned, is not to increase non-oil revenues, but also to fight corruption and the corrupt, and to provide protection and encouraging industrial and agricultural products, and will show the effects of this step in the coming days, especially in the field of justice on the border crossings of the Republic of Iraq and all the ports.

He said, "Our vision for the foreseeable future, it has completed the preparation of a comprehensive study of the restructuring of ministries, where would be eliminated excess episodes Ki GOES State to the real work in the service of citizens, and to facilitate their work, with all that will be achieved by reducing excess positioning requirements and thus reflect positively on the state budget. "

He continued," with our commitment to state property, from land and real estate, etc., Vsissar after careful disclosed stage in the coming days , to take advantage of them in the areas of investment and stimulate the private sector, in sync with the work that is underway to restructure state-owned enterprises, so that they become profitable and productive companies; reflected their impact on improving the status of their workers. "

He said he" will be released over the next week an important decision on the distribution of land residential worthy of all citizens in the private and public sectors alike, in Baghdad and other provinces, and coincides with this provision of basic services for the pieces of land which are distributed to citizens where they can build integrated cities with infrastructure valid and will find it allocated to the Earth core where services. "

In the framework of a clear vision of economic and development to build Ebadi said "it was agreed with a number of countries Brphina consultants and experts, professionals and specialists, to be alongside advisers and Iraqi experts in order to provide a comprehensive view of the direction of diversification of economic activities and the investment of human and natural resources properly, balanced and healthy.

Ebadi said, addressing the" here I go to the media precious to assume its responsibilities in defense of the people and the country at this important stage of the history of Iraq, said that to achieve the above and other procedures and policies, requires the creation of true business rule addressing corruption first, and that the anti-corruption council on his way to the adoption of important decisions to address the weak performance during the last phase, the detection of the joints of corruption in all state facilities, but we must have the use of experts, consultants and university professors to evaluate the state administration and improve its performance within the overall reform system {administrative reform, financial reform and economic reform}.

And "as required by that too, to reconsider system of laws regulating the economy, finance and management of the state through a comprehensive review supports our vision to make the service of citizens, develop and provide suitable living conditions fundamental objectives in our program and the program of this government. "

He noted that it" has been the selection of ministers in the current government on the basis of the selection of the political blocs in the House Representatives also is under the Constitution and within the political representation and the size of the political blocs in parliament, has been approved by the parliament on this basis, but I'm out of responsibility and the higher interest, and stage accessories for the leadership of the country to safety Invite to reshuffle substantially, to include professional figures and technocrats, academics , and I call on this august framework of the House and all the political blocs to cooperate with us in this dangerous stage.

he concluded by saying, "we and Bmaazrtkm will get past this stage, and this ordeal, and assure you that we have a clear vision and policy detail out of the crisis in the strongest than we were before," .anthy