Shell Iraq Company celebrates the opening of the gas processing facility in the Majnoon oil field


(Independent) .. Shell Iraq has opened for the development of petroleum, today, the first phase of the gas processing in the Majnoon oil field in the presence of representatives from the Iraqi oil ministry and the South Oil Company and Petronas Iraq.

And the Shell Iraq Petroleum Development and the South Oil Company and partners field project Majnoon oil develops technical solutions for the project's first commercial production of gas in order to address the maximum amount of gas (sweet) associated with the first phase, the output from the field during oil exploration.

The first gas system - located in the service - currently processing 70 million standard cubic feet of gas per day, which is being sent lines of the gas pipeline to a power station in North Rumaila, which used to generate about 300 megawatts of additional power and support domestic demand power in Iraq.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, said Director General of the Majnoon Ahmad Atallah "is the first commercial production of a gas project in the Majnoon field, a positive model of close cooperation between the Government of Iraq and Shell (Majnoon oil field operator) where they are working together to build the future."

And he added, "This project will not only reduce associated gas flaring operations, and to reduce the emission of polluting gases to the atmosphere, but Sataadah to make fun invest valuable natural resources and that would increase the power generation and help in reducing Iraq's dependence on gas imports from abroad."

And likely the work of the second gas facility for the Majnoon oil field later in 2016, and the two facilities are expected after the completeness reduce waste gas ratio of the field by 70%.