Parliamentary investment: mafias earn money legally

02/10/2016 11:14 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - balances News
A commission of economy and investment in Parliament on Wednesday, the existence of laws that allows gangs and tyrants Purchase of property and land at the cheapest prices.

The head of the Integrity Commission Hassan al-Yassiri, the urgent need to unite everyone accountable to underestimate and grabbed public money illegally.

The committee member said Jawad Kadhim's / balances News /, that "there are laws that allow influential and tyrants and extremists to power the traffic and the purchase of land and real estate at the cheapest prices," adding that "these laws are for their personal interests and does not meet the public interest of Iraq."

He added that "corruption is widespread in all state institutions, but there are many things when resorting to it can be found purely legal is, they earn money legally," and called for "the development of legal measures to be larger than the existing laws to limit the control of the parties on the properties the state."

He pointed out that he "has to be set up committees to monitor and put them to not be subject to partisan political pressure to sell real estate or the use of laws properly."

And he called for "taking into account the committees formed to implement the laws and follow them up severely in order not to make corrupt passing through the legal issues", stressing that "not to make Real the state of corruption greater than what Iraq is going through corruption."

It called high Nassif MP, earlier, the government to retreat from its orientations to sell real estate the state under the pretext of tackling the financial crisis, indicating that this procedure would raise a big fuss because there are new and old decisions (not canceled) permits to those who were confiscated estates to get home for the housing. Ended 29 / 4e