Basra management form a committee to maximize revenue and financial circles warns of failure to pay "dues"

2016-02-09 23:14:18 | (Voice of Iraq) - Basra

It announced that Basra province administration on Tuesday the formation of a supreme committee to maximize the functions of the financial revenue of the province, and as pointed to the need for shifting the money to deal with the economic situation in the province, conservative circles warned of the non-payment of dues.

The governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui, during a press conference held at the Office of the province, and attended (range Press), "The administration to the province formed a higher committee to maximize the revenue of all government institutions in the province to 2016", he returned it, "deserving her without sent to the center to deal with the situation economic hard to maintain as well as spending on classified projects within it. "

He Nasraoui, that "the law of 21 average indicates that the border crossings in the province to be its revenue 50% to the account of the province of Basra, saying" open a special account for the province to convert revenue by 50% to conservative administration under the supervision of the provincial council as well as the import tax that will be imposed on restaurants, schools civil, which will be to the expense of the province. "

He warned Nasraoui, from the "circles abstention in the province or ministry for granting Basra maturity of these revenues," adding "we will hold its directors or separate circuit for the ministry at the disposal of the local government."

For his part, representative of the vision health department, Hussam spokesman, during the conference, said that "health institutions in Basra debt accumulated at a rate of 22 billion dinars at the present time by working, processing and services system-term," noting that "the allotted without launching money is 34 billion dinars for 2016 ".

He explained spokesman, said that "the money that is supposed to be allocated to health institutions in Basra is 60 billion dinars, but which has been allocated half the amount," adding that "the revenue that will be met from these institutions will be transferred to Basra by the allotted amount and Mazad about it will go to Center".