The most important decisions of the Board of Krblanelhma province today

Karbala / Alaa Alkrcoche
23:01 9 2 2016
Vice President of the Karbala Provincial Council Ali al-Maliki announced that the Council held its regular Tuesday and took several decisions,

He added that the resolutions voted on by the Council were as follows,

1-discuss the issue of delays in paying salaries to measure two days of cleaning workers in the presence of the governor of Karbala and a number of directors of departments and the Council voted to allocate the amount of local revenue for the month of February to pay the wages of municipal workers and electricity maintenance

2-allocate $ 25 million to lead the operations of the Middle Euphrates to provide some of the necessary requirements to them based on the application submitted by them

3-formation of a committee under the chairmanship of Deputy Chairman of the Board and the membership of the Head of Legal and Economic Committee in coordination with the governor of Karbala for the purpose of finding a quick and effective mechanism to control the subject of collection

4-holy city of Karbala Council voted to compel the executive departments in the province not to deposit fees and fines to those belonging to their constituencies or the Ministry of Finance ministries expense account money levies to be within the province allocated to the same departments in the ministries without deposit account. "

5-discuss outstanding on the holy city of Karbala limits wheel issue and to find appropriate ways to enter and not to bring the wheels coming from areas controlled by Daash and give it to the governor to find radical solutions that do not affect the security situation