Haider al-Abadi: We have a clear vision of the face of the financial crisis experienced by the country

By Omar Ali

7 hours ago

Roudao - Erbil

The prime minister Haider al-Abadi during the Cabinet meeting held on Tuesday, on the possibility to get out of the financial crisis experienced by the country.

The face-Abadi presided over the regular session of the Council of Ministers, which was held on Tuesday to monitor spending in ministries and state institutions, and countless deputations only necessary need.

The Prime Minister called on all political blocs to assume its responsibilities in the face of the financial and economic crisis and teamwork to overcome.

According to a statement of the Prime Minister's Office, the Abadi accept security developments and victories achieved by the Iraqi forces, blessed important victories made earlier in Anbar, and free up more areas and open Husaybah through, calling to sustain and enhance this big gains on the ground and clearing the rest of the usurped territories and inflict the final defeat Daash terrorist gang.

And released by the Council following decisions:

1. Approval by Iraqi Airways has signed a contract extension with Boeing to replace the number of aircraft that the Initiating on any financial burden on the public treasury and the ministry after studying the economic feasibility and taking care not to detract from the quality of the aircraft.

2. Adoption of the recommendation of the Committee on Economic Affairs on the postponement of the payment of benefits borrowers with loans from government banks who have debts of state institutions for contracting or equipment and are prompted to pay their debt repayments in light of the state institutions and in coordination with the city.

3. Approval by the Ministries of Electricity and Construction and Housing to deliver services (water and electricity) of the main sources to the apartment complex to house the displaced building in the province of Najaf project located on agricultural land leased from the Department of Agriculture in the province in question, piece numbered (3) Province (4) , Najaf Island, which includes 300 residential units (Caravan) area (45 square meters) of the unit, and four schools and a health center and a police station and a market.

4. Approval to authorize the Minister of Education permission to access to abide by way of payment on credit under contracts concluded for this purpose that are paid sums of those contracts within the budget of the year / 2017, and the Ministry of Finance to allocate amounts within a year / 2017 budget in addition to the amounts required by the Ministry of Education for the year mentioned and to instruct the Ministry of Finance / Accounting Department conduct the necessary funding for this purpose so that the Ministry of repayment obligations Bzmtha.

5. approve the amendment to the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (353) of paragraph (2) to become (to authorize the Ministry of Education the power to meet the wages of exam services from students who wish to perform the test and recording (Deposit on behalf of the Ministry of Education) and disbursed solely for the purposes of examinations.

6. Approval by the province of Najaf to secure treatment indiscriminate overtaking on a piece of scientific allocated to the city for the reference ground Sheikh (Mohammed Ishaq al-Fayad) by finding a piece of land suitable for this purpose, distributed to evacuation covered under the rules set by the province.

7. Prohibit the production and import or handle asbestos and components set forth in the safety instruction in the use of asbestos (asbestos) (1) of 2002 and replace them with other alternatives.