Direct-associated gas investment in the Majnoon oil field

February 9th, 2016

Plants electricity
To add about 300 megawatts of electric power plants
Baghdad's new morning:
The Oil Ministry announced, on Tuesday, announced the opening of the first phase of investment associated gas in the Majnoon field on Wednesday, noting that the power stage it reached 70 Mqmq, while confirming that it will contribute to the generation of 300 MW power plants.
Said Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said in a press interview, he «was the completion of the first phase of the investment associated with the Majnoon oil from southern Iraq gas, which is being developed by Shell International», indicating that «tomorrow (today) Wednesday will witness the opening of the first phase of it».
He said Abdul-Mahdi said «the first phase of the project included the establishment of processing units for extracting and isolating the gas treatment and pumped through the pipeline to the power station in Rumaila», adding that «the total invested amount in the first stage of it amounted to 70 million standard cubic feet per day and that contribute to the generation of 300 MW for electric power plants. »
For his part, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil for gas Hamid Younis, said that «the ministry has recently made significant progress in the associated gas invest in oil operations within its plans to expand the national production of gas and contributed to the decline of gas burned percentage of the oil fields to approximately 45%» .
He said Younis that «the ministry has completed processing units to prevent the burning of gas, including gas treatment units IBC to invest 110 Mqmq / day from West Qurna / 1 as well as the completion of the gas treatment units in the Majnoon field, the second licensing round to invest 70 Mqmq / field day.»
He stressed that «the total gas investor from these fields and other fields of more than 1,100 Mqmq Day and Gary work very hard to invest the remainder of the gas quantities».
For his part, the ministry spokesman, Assem Jihad, said that «Ministry is going ahead with plans to invest associated gas from the oil fields of gas and invested amounts of associated gas will supply the electric power and petrochemical plants, fertilizer system good amounts of operating power».
He pointed out that the Jihad «associated gas will also provide large amounts of liquid gas for domestic consumption providing additional revenue for the federal treasury and reduces the proportion of spending on imports, as well as get rid of the environmental effects and pollution caused by the burning of gas associated with the process.»
Furthermore, official sources said, that work is continuing to complete the Iranian gas pipeline, which is scheduled to provide an energy system in Iraq, including at least 2,500 MW, indicating that the obstacles that were encountered in the completion of the line is moving to resolve, and that the percentage of completion approaching 95%.
The Ministry of Electricity said that «security obstacles and objections from residents have been dealt with paving the completion of the work in the passing gaseous line across the Diyala province around the capital Baghdad, according to the report, he told Fars.»
According to the ministry spokesman, Musab teacher, the «work stopped several times because of security incidents, and the unstable security situation in the province of Diyala, which the line passes through its territory, especially since the company executing been targeted by terrorist groups, which led to the withdrawal, but they He expressed a desire to return to work. »
The news agency Fars news for the teacher as saying that the Ministry of Electricity has asked the ministries of defense and interior to secure the land for the return of the Iranian company to complete the line.
Teacher and stressed that «the objections of the owners of agricultural land has also settled», adding that «the executing company reached a percentage completion rate of 95%». Iraq is expected that the Iranian side providing it, after the completion of the line, with 25 million cubic meters of gas per day, and this amount would be enough to run a 2500 MW of power », according to the Ministry of Electricity.
For its part, says the Committee on Energy, oil and gas in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, it is possible to activate the work on line very soon, ensuring access to the gas and power plants in Diyala and Baghdad.
The head of the committee, MP Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum, said in an interview to the correspondent of Fars News Agency, he said that «Reports indicate to continue to work in line to complete and test the hyphen pipes from Iranian territory to the Iraqi capital Baghdad, where the work was nearing completion, but for some of the security conditions, He is now going to approach the overall achievement, and could be activated very soon. »
Bahr al-Ulum said, that «Iranian gas pipeline coming from Kermanshah will feed gas stations, and if the completion of the work will ensure the arrival of Iranian gas to these stations in the capital Baghdad».
The Ministry of Electricity has entered into a contract with the Iranian side to import gas from Iran at the end of 2011, to ensure the entry of gas through a pipeline from the border point of oil Khanh toward Mansuriyah area in Diyala, east of Iraq, and then heading to the capital Baghdad.
The tube length of 130 kilometers, and passes through the Mansouria region in order to feed Mansuriyah plant with a capacity of 730 MW, of moving beyond the capital, Baghdad, and is divided into two sections for the delivery of gas to the chest and Jerusalem stations invading.
And heading Iran-rich natural gas to exploit Iraq's gas export to many countries in the region, according to official statements made by officials in Tehran.
On the other hand, he stressed the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Parliament of the Kurdistan Regional Bloc member, on Tuesday, oil sales volume in the province during the past two months are sufficient to provide salaries for all staff, adding that the government will not succeed in its reforms without real support by the parliament.
Said Salar Mahmoud in an interview with Alsumaria's News, said that «according to official information available, the Kurdistan oil sales volume during the past two months are sufficient to provide salaries», indicating that «the citizens of the Kurdistan region more aware of the attempts by some to hide the facts and distorted».
He said Mahmoud, that «the government will not succeed in its reforms without real support by the parliament and its members», adding that «the rapid activation of the role of the parliament and the government to apply the principle of transparency before the members of parliament will be a catalyst to overcome the current crisis».
He pointed Mahmoud that «the members of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament have made during the last period of dozens of projects as well as the demand to question the Minister of Natural Resources and the prime minister for several times», adding that «the nature of the political consensus which was established by the Government of the Territory was an impediment to the interrogation process».
Mahmoud stressed the «need to put pressure on political parties to activate the parliament without conditions or evasive to resolve the existing problems in accordance with the law», warning that «can not continue in the current style of governance».