Parliamentary investment: the port of Faw will be forwarded to invest

2016/02/07 14:09 Number of Views: 83

Committee discussed the economy and investment representative with the Chairman of the National Investment Commission Sami al-Araji and representatives of the ministries of transport, planning, housing, Sunday, project port of Faw file, and while confirming lack of funding has prevented the completion of the project, said it Sthilh to invest instead.

According to Chairman of the Committee Jawad al-Bolani during the meeting, which was attended by "tomorrow Press" that "the Committee reviewed with representatives of ministries and coordination procedures to start projects of infrastructure and services for the project port of Faw."

He noted "the existence of the possibility to put up part of the project financing for investment through initial public offering of shares of the direct placement in the stock market to give the opportunity for local participation in this project." Stressing that "the parliamentary committee and in coordination with the Investment Authority and the local government in Basra province over to put the finishing touches to hold the international investment conference to launch the port of Faw to invest."

He said al-Bolani said "the formal work on the project began in 2010 at a cost of 4.5 billion euros and funded centrally through the general budget allocations," pointing out that "the lack of funding has prevented the completion of work on the project which was limited only to the creation of Breakwater, and we will go to workaround a investment. "

He said, "There are claims reconsider Bklv project designs Breakwater, who was a crack more than once."ار