After wasting $ 30 billion .. The Minister of Electricity: the financial crisis, the cause of the deterioration of energy

0802 2016
He attributed the Electricity Minister Qassim Fahdawi, on Monday, the cause of the deterioration of the electric power in Iraq to the financial crisis gripping the country.

Earlier reports indicated that about $ 30 billion has been wasted after 2003 on the electricity sector because of the "massive corruption and failed projects" in the creation of the stations and the other without having to provide up to now, even for 12 hours straight.

Said Fahdawi at a press conference at the parliament building was attended by the correspondent of the agency all of Iraq [where] Following hosted today in the Oil and Energy Committee in Parliament, he said that "the reason for the deterioration of the reality of energy today the financial crisis in which we live are all we have 3000 megawatts out of service for the scarcity of fuel."

He said the electricity minister that "the financial crisis is the main reason for the deterioration of electricity."

In his answer to the reporter's question [where] about the possibility of the dimensions of corruption in the privatization of the ongoing ministry of electricity by the civil companies in the capital Baghdad Fahdawi said: "Our guarantee the process is transparent and we will give information and a questionnaire to the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary project."

"As we discussed with the Commission participation of the private sector with the distribution of the survival of this sector property of the state but the collection are investment companies and this project at the beginning and accomplished than 1% and could be adopted in the future, but we need to 10 years to complete it."

For his part, Chairman of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Ares Abdullah pointed out that his committee discussed with the minister of electricity, "the ministry's preparations for the summer of 2016 and work to secure increased hours of processing power to citizens and how ways of rationalizing consumption."

The Council of Ministers approved in its meeting last Tuesday "on the Ministry of Finance to pay an amount of 50 billion dinars per month for the oil ministry from the Ministry of Electricity allocations in the federal budget for the year 2016 for the purchase of fuel for power plants produce, and an amount of one billion dinars per month as wages transport fuel stations mentioned with effect from 1 / 1/2016. "

The Cabinet also decided to approve the adoption of the recommendation of the Committee on Energy to invest in high-pressure power transmission networks.

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