Secretary of the upper threshold: the influx of millions of visitors making an urgent need for the establishment of strategic projects

update:: 2016/2/8 19:02

{Najaf: Euphrates News} Secretary-General announced the upper threshold of the Holy Mr. Nizar Hashim rope solid for direct sacred threshold number of service projects that are in favor of the city of Najaf, including the plant to generate electric power, a key line of water to increase the share of the old city, as a result the influx of millions of visitors, and the large number of religious events.
According to a statement of the upper threshold of the Holy Euphrates News Agency {} it received a copy of it on Monday, "The Secretary of the upper threshold of the Holy met collected from employees of the holy threshold in order to improve the services provided to our valued visitors, and the completion of projects threshold to the fullest."
The Secretary-General added that "the sacred threshold and after consultation with the official authorities embarked on the establishment of a power station in the old city; in order to provide electrical capacity of 70 megawatts in order to increase the share of processed ancient city."
Solid rope and explained that "the religious events taking place in the old city throughout the year make it the electric power consumption of an urgent matter, and necessary, especially in the summer."
Secretary General of the threshold and added that "there is an agreement with the General Directorate of Water in the province to extend the main tube to the old city, at a cost of 4 billion dinars borne holy threshold; for the water supply to the old city, and to the dish Zahra {peace be upon her} optimally."
The Secretary-General of the upper threshold of the Holy previously the foundation stone for the construction of a power station of Imam Ali {p} manufacturing, and oversaw the project direct potable water transfer station near the shrine of the faithful {PBUH} mode. Ended h