Arbil: salary scale temporary and will be reviewed


Monday , February 8, 2016

BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / confirmed spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, "the government table, which was passed regarding the landing of the Kurdistan region and my time salaries, and will in the future review and will be introduced by the change with the increase in revenues."

Said Sven Dzia spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government in a statement, "it is as well to express our thanks and appreciation for the steadfastness of the staff and all the citizens of Kurdistan, we pledge to all that the Kurdistan Regional Government will continue its plan to reduce costs and increase transparency in the revenue and reforms," ​​noting that "all of this in order to be able to overcome this difficult financial crisis and ensure the granting of full salaries to employees in a timely manner. "

He added Dzia" we know that the government table, which was adopted increased the burden on those with salaries in Kurdistan, but this decision landing and my time, it pledge to all those with salaries that with the increase in revenue we will review this schedule and will be introduced by the changes is have a positive impact on the salaried who signed more burden on them. "

And that" at the same time also renew that salaries and rights guaranteed citizens when the government and we will do our best to reduce the major needs of the citizens of market prices, as we bless any person or entity who they have to reduce the prices of goods and needs, or will downwards. "