Kurdistan Alliance: influential figures behind the disappearance of the people's wealth

02.08.2016 at 13:00 (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD - balances News
MPs from the Kurdistan Alliance blocks, Monday, revealed that there are influential people behind the disappearance of the Iraqi people's wealth.
The MP said the change Hoshyar Abdullah told a news conference with representatives of the blocks change and the Patriotic Union and the Democratic Islamic Party in the House of Representatives and attended / balances News /, that "the financial crisis plaguing Iraq today made ​​the vote Tertvta to demand disclosure of the reasons for a financial crisis in the country rich in oil wealth . "

Added Hoshyar, "The disappearance of the country's wealth means having people influential smuggled public money to foreign banks and the Iraqi difficult Atads today about the fate of the oil revenues, which have been exported during the pioneering years at a time when the debt incurred large amounts of money to the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government."

He said Hoshyar to, that "corruption today is threatening the Iraqi state at heart and has become more dangerous than Daash and terrorism, and as long as the demonstrators demanded religious authorities the government put an end to Lvesad and find financial solutions to the crisis," pointing out that "Iraq touches on lack of seriousness in the fight against corruption has not provided government serious solutions that blocks the road to the corrupt who Nkroa the structure of the state for years. "

He said, "The Kurdish blocs as long as fired Ndlaha and appealed to the concerned authorities to open the file, the appeal to the executive, legislative and judicial authorities and religious authorities and the international community to form a new coalition to fight corruption in Iraq, according to a mechanism includes the prosecution of money smuggled abroad and disclosure of accounts and assets of officials and political families influential in the federal governments and the Kurdistan region since 2003 and Gaah this day. "

Hoshyar He pointed out that "it is the duty of the Iraqi authorities and national forces to address the international community to the issue of Iraqis smuggled money as soon as possible and that the National Alliance was serious in maintaining the interest of Iraq has to Icomh practical steps in this regard to help in the reconstruction money of the Iraqi people, stolen by corrupt, demanding the government Federal addressing the UN officially to issue an international resolution to detect all the smuggled Iraqi funds and work to retrieve it to the state treasury and accounting of all the corrupt who caused the situation to deliver what it is. "

The parliamentary Finance Committee announced, on Sunday, for the formation of sub-committees to follow up the issue of Iraq funds and deposits in Aforeig.anthy 29 / P 40