Parliament will vote on two bills and finished reading three other discusses the retrieval of smuggled money

BAGHDAD - 02/07/2016
House of Representatives voted in its regular fifth of the second legislative term, legislative, and his second year under the chairmanship of Salim al-Jubouri, and the presence of 258 deputies on Saturday on the two laws, while finished reading three projects, proposals and other laws. According to a statement to parliament that the council voted on the first draft amendment to the law of insurance on personal responsibility for the staff of government departments, the law and the public sector No. {47} for the year 1990, and provided financial committees, legal, and that comes to the importance of the role that the guarantor {believer} done in contributing to the Status of preventive measures of embezzlement accidents, damage to public property, but the inclusion of money the Department of defense, the intelligence service protected in line with the general economic orientation of the state.
Council did vote on the draft law amending the Insurance Act compulsory car accidents No. {52} for the year 1980, and provided financial committees, and security and defense, oil and energy due to increased motor vehicle accidents, and to cover compensation compulsory insurance, and coverage of incidents of military vehicle insurance compulsory, and determine the percentage of deductions of gasoline and gas oil sales.
Council voted in principle to proceed to read the draft general prosecutor law after the completion of the first reading of the law, sponsored by Legal Committee following the changes that took place after the issuance of the prosecution No. 159 Act of 1979, and to keep up with these changes, and compatibility with the new legislation, and to ensure good performance in the components The federal judiciary.
On the other hand, the Council voted on the majority choice of Ultra Judge Zaidan Khalaf slave chairman of the Federal Court of Cassation after the nomination of the Supreme Judicial Council unanimously.
The Board completed the first reading of the proposed ownership of low-income people the law of residential land, and provided legal committees, services and Reconstruction, which is in line with the provisions of Article {30-First} of the Constitution, which ruled {State guarantees for the individual and the family the basic components of living in a free life decent and adequate housing}, but there are so many cases go beyond citizens with limited income to build housing in the territory of the state; it was not possible access to adequate housing and economic self their capabilities, and pursuant to the provisions of Article {27-First} of the Constitution relating to the protection of public funds from overtaking housing and non-earmarked for housing originally, and to shorten the effort and costs and procedures, and to be a contributing citizen to preserve the state funds.
The head of the House of Representatives Committee on addressing the executive to know the opinion of the proposal submitted by the move legitimizes. The Board discussed the issue of recovery of smuggled money from Iraq at the request of the Attorney Hoshyar Abdullah.
This was followed by the Attorney Hamid vegetative statement in which he referred to the role of the highest religious authority Ali al-Sistani in the dangerous and complex reality that goes to Iraq and the region, adding that "the decision to Move to stop the rhetoric weekly guideline only after Bh voice without letting it touch the footsteps clear towards reforms and the fight against corruption."
He called vegetative to work hard to alleviate the suffering of the Iraqi people, and a review of reference directions, and make it a working paper for the implementation of reforms, and beaten with an iron fist on the heads of corruption and urged the political leaders of the country to hold an emergency meeting; to develop solutions and practical measures for all the problems plaguing the country.
I finished reading the report and discuss the draft law of private security companies, and submitted by the Committee on Security and Defense.