Brigade on the bigger sets off for the village of al-Bashir in Kirkuk to release it from Daash

23:28 7/2/2016
Launched strength of the brigade on the larger of the threshold Hosseinieh sacred to "the village of al-Bashir" in the province of Kirkuk in northern Iraq to be cleared of "Daash" terrorist gangs.

This comes in conjunction with the movement of the holy shrines in Karbala and Najaf forces from northern Iraq to liberate areas from the control of terrorists Daash.

Brigade's commander, Maj. Gen. Ali largest Ali al-Hamdani said that the secret commando "surly Alhakeri" Brigade launched the largest to the village of al-Bashir to support the security forces and the popular crowd in preparation for the Liberation of the northern village of al-Bashir. Hamdani terrorists and vowed Daash to "teach them a lesson they will never forget it as in previous battles."

In the same context, he stressed the spokesman for Abbas squad combat, "Ali al-Sabti" complete the popular crowd formations combat troops to participate in the Battle of cleansing the village of al-Bashir of "Daash."

He said in a statement on Saturday, "Abbas received pieces band fighting in the village of al-Bashir joint powers of the band Imam Ali combat brigade to engage them on the editorial process, Bashir's upcoming greatest."

"The months ago and we are preparing for the Liberation of the village of al-Bashir of being linked to the fate of many of the displaced families and forcibly displaced in addition to many of the considerations that obliges everyone attention