Economist emphasizes the difficulty of recovering the money smuggled

economic page 7, 2016 3:59 hits: 13

the head of the Economic Studies Centre at Mustansiriya University, Abdel Rahman Al-Mashhadani, Sunday, the difficulty of retrieving the money smuggled out of the country.
Al-Mashhadani said in a press statement that "the Committee formed to pursue the recovery of funds smuggled outside Iraq could not recover the funds, because the subject is not easy", stating that "most of the money is to identify people accused of smuggling money into the country."
Mashhadani said that "no one has the audacity to select" we we fingered by corruption of the previous Government, whether its President or Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in that era, but nobody can diagnosis or diagnose the amounts smuggled. "
The "legal and administrative aspect is unclear, there is cooperation with international institutions on this issue", calling for "the hearing telling to return stolen money."