Abadi Security Committee in Parliament: the need to keep the military out of politics

Baghdad give opinion confirmed that the Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi on the necessity of the dimensions of the military from political action. A statement said the chairmanship of Prime Minister received (opinion) International a copy of it, that " The Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi held a meeting with the chairman and members of the commission on security and defence of the parliamentary, during the meeting, the research important to sustain the momentum of the victories of our armed forces, and called , and to provide all of the liberation of lands of prudence terrorist gangs, and the liberation of Mosul, in addition to cooperation and coordination with the committee, legislation and laws that are critical to the security and military forces, arming and processing, and activate the regulatory side, And a number of other topics. And President of the council of ministers to "oversight work to the parliament and the commission on security and defence is important, and help the compatibility with the work of the executive, legislative and". He stressed the importance of keeping the military from political, stating that "the government is taking care of its forces from the army, police, and mobilizing people". And continued to "security establishment and military back their confidence in herself, and I was able to achieve victories, it is necessary to support". Its role ‘rbt security and defence committee for their support and its support for the prime minister general commander of the armed forces of Haider Al-Abadi, institution has security and military. Over.