Parliamentary bloc declares a direct commission to prosecute Iraqi money diverted its work within days

Sunday 07-02-2016 | 7:02:16

Twilight News / Chairman of the parliamentary block change Hoshyar Abdullah announced on Sunday that the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the regulators and the executive will begin the process of investigating the Iraqi funds smuggled abroad within days after it agreed the Presidency of the Council on the proposal presented yesterday in this regard.

Abdullah said in a statement that "after it agreed the Presidency of the Parliament to include the proponents of the attached signatures of 81 deputies and the prosecution of Iraqi funds smuggled abroad on parliamentary session agenda yesterday, has read the proposal and discuss it and listen to the interventions of the House of Representatives about it, and has the approval of the formation of a committee on State institutions relevant to this topic level, whether regulatory or financial, judicial and ministries, that the Committee will proceed with its tasks in the next few days in a maximum period of two weeks. "

He explained that "financial corruption in the joints of the Iraqi state is the cause of all economic, security and social problems that occurred during the previous years, and it continues to this day, and today is regrettable and shameful that Iraq including the Kurdistan Region - ie the entire Iraq - is now vying for the lead in the list of countries the most corrupt in the world, and in the final outcome of Iraq came under the suffocating financial crisis that if we looked for the real caused, we find that it is not a drop in oil prices in global markets, but the existence of mafias major corruption worked on the smuggling of public money to foreign banks. "

He went on Abdullah, saying that "this issue has become the issue of public opinion, and the streets of the Iraqi awaited us legislative and supervisory authority that take a process in this direction steps," adding that "the failure to take effective measures in dealing with this problem and procrastination where in previous sessions make people lose confidence us authority control, and hide to everyone that one of the main reasons the stereotype of parliament and parliament in general with the Iraqi street, the image is not moved effectively to prosecute the corrupt, though there are scary numbers of funds looted, and all these numbers that circulated daily media and street source parliamentary committees destinations supervisory " .

He continued, "For example, since 2004 and until 2014, there are more than a hundred billion dollars disappeared questionable manner by the statements and official documents of the members of the Finance Committee and the Board of Supreme Audit Reports."

And between Abdullah, he said that the proposals made by the Parliament include the "formation of an expanded committee comprising members of the committees: legal, integrity, Finance, Foreign Relations prepares reports to the House of Representatives includes money stolen numbers and ways of retrieval, to exercise its work within a specific timeframe, and commissioned the Legal Committee of the Parliamentary prepare a resolution required the government to investigate the accounts and balances that hover around the doubts and suspicions, and take the necessary steps for the recovery of Iraqi funds deposited in these accounts procedures. "

"The proposals also include the establishment of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives shall approach the international community, international organizations and specialized companies to retrieve money diverted to cooperate with Iraq in this regard, it is very necessary that the House of Representatives and the body of his presidency to adopt this case."

Chairman of the mass change and concluded that "in case if succeeded the House of Representatives its current session to recover at least part of the public money and punish corrupt people would contribute to the realization of justice and improve the financial situation of the country, in addition to re-citizen's confidence Berlmanh team, because the lack of confidence alarm danger threatens the entire collapse of the state , so we hope to make this crisis as an opportunity to take a historic step in the field of anti-corruption work and not just saying that. "

The head of parliament Saleem al-Jubouri announced on Saturday the formation of a specialized committee to determine the fate of the smuggled money from Iraq because of financial corruption.

Jubouri said during a news conference that he "was forming a committee with the task of conducting the deliberations of the views Kdioan control and the Integrity Commission to see to know smuggled from Iraq and the money that must be seized,".