Kurdistan trenches and ramparts .. Baghdad security plan or the beginning of the division?

Raised the Iraqi government's decision to build a wall of concrete around the Iraqi capital, and before drilling the Kurdistan Regional Government in northern Iraq a trench along the disputed areas, a rejection of some politicians, and doubts among observers of the Iraq war, if these steps for security reasons or to draw a new map of Iraq.

It was considered a deputy in parliament for the Union of Forces, Raad Aldhlki, that the wall of Baghdad's security, who initiated the Baghdad Operations Command recently created, "big prison", pointing out that he came to "draw a map of the borders" because it extends to belonging to the province of Anbar areas.
He Aldhlki in a press interview: "The wall of Baghdad, a vague and fuzzy is not different from that of the people of the capital in a big prison to keep their lives," pointing out that "the wall came to cutting ties and communication between the provinces and draw a new map, especially that extends to belonging to the province areas Anbar."

And the trench dug by the Kurdistan Regional authorities began recently, Aldhlki said: "The coalition forces and strongly opposes any point of trying to dismember Iraq off the map", noting that "security concerns can be eliminated leprosy rows."

It is noteworthy that the Baghdad Operations Command had announced last Tuesday, to embrace the establishment of the security fence of the capital under the pretext of preventing the infiltration of terrorists into Baghdad, and remove all the concrete blocks and security checkpoints in the capital.

The security sources have confirmed to the correspondent of "Gulf Online" that "the construction of the wall will start in outcries, 30 km west of Baghdad; in order to isolate it from Fallujah, which is controlled by the organization of the" state "at the moment, an extension to the east of Fallujah and northern areas."

For his part, he said civil rights activist tributary slaves, told the "Gulf Online": "The Iraqi government, although it is sincere in its intention to establish wall of concrete security along the Baghdad belt areas of the West End, the timing has done direct in this fence is not suitable "noting that" this time raised doubts among Iraqis of the possibility that the goal of the division of Iraq."

He added: "These days many a talk about the division of Iraq into three regions, and especially after the feet of Government of the Territory to dig a trench in the disputed areas, and then directly to the central government in Baghdad built a wall of concrete on the western perimeter of Baghdad, which was born big fears among Iraqis especially areas of Baghdad belt Sunni majority."

He slain by saying: "The organization Daash threat remains from the capital, Baghdad, and it is no different in the Kurdistan region of areas," pointing out that "the digging of trenches by the Kurds and the creation of walls around Baghdad to prevent the risk of the organization; what are the only justifications."

Commission on Security and Defence Parliamentary its part, attributed the building of the Iraqi government's security wall around the capital Baghdad from the west; that aim to prevent the infiltration of elements of the "State" into Baghdad, stressing that the security fence is not related to the division of Iraq.

A member of the committee, MP Alexander and berries, in a press statement: "The security fence is digging a trench around Baghdad and 10 km from the borders of the Secretariat, will be established by the three major crossings adherence sophisticated Sitarat scrutiny of people and wheels."

He pointed out that "the establishment of the wall is for security purposes, nothing to do with political objectives, as some say the hired as a first step towards partition", adding that "Iraq will remain one forever."