Jubouri's (range): My visit to Washington is not vague and no need to disclose the content of the meetings

02/06/2016 22:32

Long-Presse / Baghdad
He rejected the House Speaker, yesterday, described his visit to Washington as "mysterious", stressing that it included a known meeting with American officials. In the meantime, it revealed deputies from the Union of Forces for open Sunni representation in Washington within the efforts of the parties to adopt the option of establishing a Sunni region.

The development came facilitating the American side, which is the establishment of three regions only solution to the Iraq crisis. But the House of Representatives spoke about the sharp divisions within the Sunni component of the stream, led by Salim al-Jubouri, head of the parliament, and another follows the Coordinating Committee headed by Osama al.

And what questions still hunting visit of the President of the Iraqi parliament to Washington, which lasted for about 10 days, he met at the end of US Vice President along with a number of Senators.

In response to a reporter questioned (range) about the secret of the mystery that surrounded the visit, he said, "refuses to answer the letter," he added, "should not be judged on the visit are not careful."

The deputies of the Union of Forces described the visit of the President of Parliament to Washington as "mysterious", expressing surprise at the lack of take it with a delegation from the mass.

The al-Jubouri, told a news conference attended by the (range), "The visit was clear was announced all the characters that have been meeting them clearly," pointing out that "the meeting, the US administration came at the end of the days of the visit."

The Chairman of the Parliament that "the early days of the visit included attending lectures and meetings among research institutes," attributing the lack of excitement in the media visit to the "lack of appropriate disclosure is necessary for him."

He said al-Jubouri said, "There are going to describe it as he pleases, but the reality of the case is a reminder."

In the meantime, lawmakers rejected a list (Diyala identity), headed by Salim al-Jubouri, to give an explanation about the parliament speaker's visit to Washington, confirming "the existence of a break with al-Jubouri."

Sources from within the bloc Diyala our identity for a large political differences ridden bloc against the backdrop of political decisions recently taken by al-Jubouri.

The sources, who spoke for (range) on condition of anonymity, that "al-Jubouri, began to consult with the Islamic Party in many of the decisions and ignores the opinion of the mass, which made us have reservations on some decisions."

Furthermore, MP Abdul Rahman Alloizi, a member of the Iraqi forces union, said that "there says parties in the Sunni center have regional support and international recently been able to open a representative office of the Sunni component in the United States," asserting that "these forces are trying to sort things out for the establishment of the Sunni regions."

He explained Alloizi (range), that "the American side for easy Rafie al-Issawi and ethyl Najafi process of opening the representative office in Washington, under the pretext of supporting the Sunni component."

MP for the province of Nineveh, that "the idea of ​​representation came in conjunction with the inclusion of a paragraph in the American budget bill allows the US side to deal with the component Sunni and Kurdish as a state separate from Baghdad."

Alloizi talked about "the existence of an international will to deal with the Sunni component on the state of mind to reach Vdrlh regionalization and western provinces in which it operates in secret through the support of some Sunni political figures."

But a member of the Union of Forces confirms "that there are divisions in the Sunni House led to the emergence of a team led by Parliament Speaker Salim al championed parliamentary bloc of the solution, while the other team of the Higher Coordinating Committee, which falls out of the remaining Sunni blocs."

Alloizi He pointed out that "there are political figures to promote the regionalization of Nineveh province after its liberation from Daash which is complementary to the American project to divide Iraq into three countries."

And on the details of House Speaker's visit to Washington, MP for Nineveh says that "the visit was personal and did not we learn on its agenda but during the next few hours we will have a meeting with al-Jubouri to clarify the details of this visit."

However, the MP Abdel Azim Ajman, who explained the details of Jubouri's visit to Washington, confirmed "the existence of intent to establish territories in Iraq in the coming periods."

He Ajman, in an interview with the (range), that "the President of the Parliament several US destinations met arranged for some of the important issues concerning the internal Iraqi affairs," pointing out that "the American side wants to resolve the situation in Iraq during this year and before the US presidential election."

Basri MP did not hide the existence of a US insistence in order to resolve the Iraqi major components of the current situation, "a reference, apparently, to the existence of the formation of three different regions in the future.

Healing, the only Sunni lawmaker from Basra, argued that "the US administration is seeking full force for the establishment of Anbar province as the ultimate goal for the establishment of military bases in the western regions."

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