Arbil announces review of market prices and rents role and shops

Twilight News / announced the governor of Arbil, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan region Nevzat Hadi, on Saturday, for a comprehensive review of market prices and lower rents homes and shops.

Hadi said at a news conference in Arbil, and attended by Twilight News, that the province decided to set up a number of committees to review market prices and rents homes and shops and all other sectors to undertake research and consultations with the concerned parties and then make decisions in this regard.

He added that the financial crisis plaguing the region has affected all members of the community, so it must work to reduce prices in parallel between property owners and sellers.

He said they demanded Hadi taxation departments by providing them with sufficient information on the reduction of rent allowances, stressing the need not to stay rent allowances for the role and shops as they were in the past.

He also stressed the property owners into account the current difficult circumstances and they must reduce the prices of goods and reduce the percentage of the profit margin, stressing that intolerance seller alone the weight of the crisis because we must reduce the rent.