Iraqi private banks association announces the formation of a legal advisory body to the unification of legal discourse banking

(Encyclopedia of the Day News | Iraq News) - Economy Uzbgdad special Iraqi private banks association announced on Saturday the formation of a legal advisory body on unification of legal discourse banking and defend the rights of the member banks.

He told Maderaltnive Association Tariq told reporters today that the formation of that body, came in response to the urgent need to exist side advisory legal holds in addition to the defense of affiliated banks in the ASEAN, legal opinion good about the work of the banks and the obstacles they face in the current phase so as to contribute in performing its functions in accordance with the laws and legislation in force.

He explained that the body in question, a group of legal advisers of the owners of the experience and expertise of legal banking work, noting that the private banks, the Association of Organ Legal Consultative Mamntan quite justly Iraqi judiciary in the case invoked from any party whatsoever, in any issue for the banks, whatever the nature of the verdicts issued.