Governor: "140 billion dollars in State institutions including banks

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The balance of news
Central Bank Governor Ali al-allaq, on Saturday, more than 140 billion dollars in State institutions including banks, stressing that the increase in the dollar exchange rate is not in the interests of the citizen.
He said the relationship of the balance of news through its participation in a seminar on the economic crisis by ECOSOC that "a strong dollar serves the Central Bank but it affects ordinary citizens through higher prices of essential items in life."

He added that "oil sales reached $ 20 billion, and that the budget deficit would come from non-price outlets selling the dollar, stressing that the Central Bank will remain an advocate on the dollar that the Iraqi State paid between 2006 and 2009 trillions to keep purchasing power so if lifting the dollar will force the State to pay the same again the trillions to meet inflation.

He said the relationship when we opened a consolidated account of all State institutions, found that "5.6" trillion dinars from State-funded institutions, and 23.5 trillion dinars for self-financing institutions, as well as 8 trillion dinars belonging to retirement and 5 trillion fiscal safeguards, as well as "42" trillion dinars rounded balances are not recalculated, and total deposits banks "70" trillion dinars.

He noted that "there are 34 trillion dinars are present, stressing that Iraq is not threatened by the bankruptcy of the presence of 140 billion dollars traded in stocks of State enterprises." finished 29/40