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    Finance staff member killed in a car bombing in eastern Baghdad

    I was hearing about this story early part of last week but had no proof now we got proof.

    This happened befor Sistani came out and made his speech backing the citizens last Friday at ... politicians just as afraid of citizens these days over there as much as they supposedly concern themselves with Daash. Ironic it was a FINANCE STAFF MEMBER...just my views on all the HEAT we're seeing being amplified in Iraq to get the reforms implemented one way or another while trying to maintain civility before full blown rebellion occurs:

    Finance staff member killed in a car bombing in eastern Baghdad

    Author: NN
    Editor: HH, NS 6.2.2016 12:22 Number of Views: 237

    Long-Presse / Baghdad
    A source in the Iraqi Interior Ministry said on Saturday that an employee of the Ministry of Finance was killed when a roadside bomb adhesive and put his car in the east of Baghdad.
    The source said in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The IED was strapped down a modern car belonging to an employee of the Ministry of Finance exploded before noon today, as it passed in Palestine Street, east of Baghdad, killing him on the spot and causing material damage by car ".
    The source, who requested anonymity, that "the security force rushed to the scene and transported the dead body to the forensic medicine department, while opened an investigation to determine the circumstances of the incident and who stands behind it."
    The security situation in the capital, Baghdad, have been tense since mid-2013, it announced that the United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), in (the first of February 2016), killing and injuring 2299 Iraqi acts of violence witnessed different parts of the country during the month of January last , while regretted "strong continuity and high occurrence of the victims and their numbers compared to previous months.
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    Re: Finance staff member killed in a car bombing in eastern Baghdad Read More :htt

    I would be leaving too if most/if not all the articles over the past week are accurate on how much heat is coming down the corrupt goons necks from all angles...use Daash as an excuse lol jmo

    Nouri: Some politicians Pack the suitcases to leave Iraq after the entry Daash
    06/02/2016 10:29 |

    Direction Press / special

    The official spokesman for the popular crowd Karim al-Nuri, and he Daash after the entry into Iraq and the fall of a number of cities, however, some political elements Pack the bags to leave Iraq.

    Nouri In an interview with "channel direction." He said some politicians who thought that Daash will arrive in the Green Zone. Indicating that these politicians did not like the victories and achievements of the popular crowd and re-edit regions and cities from the grip of terrorist elements Daash.

    Nouri said that the international internal and external actors and territory behind launching a fierce attack to discredit the popular crowd and minimizing the championships and achieved on the ground of major victories.

    Nouri said that the Islamic resistance factions and the forces of the popular crowd became a rock that crashed them all plots. He pointed out that America is worried about any division process want Bagamthalanha will face stiff resistance by the factions and the popular crowd.

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    Re: Finance staff member killed in a car bombing in eastern Baghdad Read More :htt

    check out the names on the list below

    White House decides to refer the "whales" corruption and militia leaders to justice
    Under Category: politicalDated: February 6, 2016

    WASHINGTON / Iraq News Network-special / report from the White House move Saturday, the determination of the US government and the Office of Inspector General of the US and the follow-up by the US embassy in Baghdad to refer the "whales" of corruption in Iraq to justice to receive their just punishment, the report said that "near-term the next will arrest against militia leaders operations charges rise to the level of war crimes and extradition to the Iraqi judiciary. "He pointed report that" the fight against corruption, demand for American and Iraqi, will be Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and his obligation to perform better in this context. " The report emphasized that "" corruption whales are they had delivered Iraq to this level of bankruptcy and decline in public services and the occupation of Iraqi cities and towns by organizing Daash and the consequent results in the forefront of the displacement of more than 3 million Iraqis under conditions very harsh and human suffering to Athtml, the US government and stressed on the necessity of hauling corruption heads to court after the formation of a committee of judges testifies for their integrity and independence provided make it clear that Medhat al-Mahmoud, or from those close to him within the committee, either names, accused of corruption and theft of public money made in the report are (Nuri Maliki, Ahmed Nouri al-Maliki, Jamal Karbouli, Saleh al-Mutlaq, Osama Najafi, Iyad al-Samarrai, Ammar al-Hakim, Ayad Allawi, Ahmed al-Jubouri, Minister of State Almrhq, Massoud Barzani, Jalal Talabani, Khodair al, Hussain al-Shahristani, Ali al-Adeeb, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, Bayan Jabr al-Zubeidi, Hadi al-Amiri, Bahaa al-Araji, Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Miqdad Sharifi, Rose Nuri Shaways, Mohammed Tamim, Qutaiba al-Jubouri, Ahmed al-Karbouli, Falah Sudanese, Hazem Shaalan, Ayham al-Samarrai, Abdul Karim Aftan, Karim Wahid, behind Abdul Samad, Majed Nasraoui, Salah Abdul-Razzaq governor of Baghdad, the former, Khalid al-Attiyah, Saber al-Issawi, Naim Abaob, Hamdiya dry, Hoshyar Zebari, on the Keywords Governor of the Central Bank and the agency, Ezzedine state, Qassim al-Fahdawi, Saadoun Guillard Dulaimi, Ahmed Abu Risha, the team Gen. Ali Ghaidan, Lt. Gen. Mahdi al-Gharawi, the team Farouk al-Araji, Lt. Gen. Abdul-Karim al-Izzi, Adnan al-Asadi, Mohammad al Ghabban, Ethel Nujaifi, Naseer al-Ani, head of the presidency of the Republic, Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, a sound Alajabura- Ibrahim Mayali governor of Muthanna, honest meaning of governor of Babylon , Muwaffaq al-Rubaie, Ali al-Adeeb, Mohammed al-Darraji, Tariq Kikhany, of quitting, Hussain Ahmed (Abu Rihab Nasib al-Maliki), Yasser Ckal (Nasib Nuri al-Maliki II), Sheikh Abdul-Halim al-Zuhairi, Mishan al-Jubouri, a close associate of al-Abadi MP Ali Keywords, Yahya Nazareth governor of Dhi Qar, Adnan Zurfi former governor of Najaf) the militia would be arrested on charges of murder, kidnapping and robbery and mutilation and the destruction of civilian homes according to what is stated in the White House report leaders were (Qais al-Khazali, Talib Saidi, Abu Mahdi Mohandes, Hadi al-Amiri, Jassim Algeria, the Algerian Abdul Rahman, Ali left, Qasim al-Araji).

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    Re: Finance staff member killed in a car bombing in eastern Baghdad Read More :htt

    Parliamentary Advocacy calls Mishan Jubouri to provide documents that prove the corruption of politicians to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives
    Posted by: Observer in News , Politics 02/06/2016

    Called on the administrative board of the Bloc calling, Saturday, MP Mishan al-Jubouri to provide documents that prove the involvement of politicians in the corrupted files to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives.
    The authority said in a statement: "Iraq law," received a copy of it, "The statements made by MP Mishan al-Jubouri, was launched from the principle of obscuring the spoilers, by blaming all the political parties without discrimination between corrupt and non-corrupt.
    And confirmed the body, according to the statement, the need to provide evidence and documents possessed, and which prove the involvement of politicians in corruption cases to the House of Representatives and the judiciary and the Integrity Commission, and presented to the media to know the Iraqi people spoilers and prosecution, referring to stay away from the principle of the launch of the charges inaccurate and that lack of evidence.
    She said the body "We call on the relevant committees in the House of Representatives to host the MP Mishan al-Jubouri, within the Commission for the purpose of taking the information and documents that condemn ministers and politicians who accused al-Jubouri, in order to be tried according to the Iraqi constitution, without discrimination.

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