House of Representatives vote on the bills and finished reading the three laws and discusses the recovery of smuggled money


House of Representatives voted in its regular fifth of the second legislative term and enacted the second legislative headed by Dr. Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 258 deputies Today Saturday, 02.06.2016 on bills with finished reading three projects proposals and laws.

At the outset of the meeting, Mr. Jubouri announced discuss the humanitarian situation in the city of Fallujah in a hearing next Monday at the request submitted by 30 deputies for discussion.

The Council voted on a draft of the First Amendment to the law of insurance on personal responsibility for the staff of government departments and the public sector Law No. (47) for the year 1990 and provided financial and legal committees, which comes to the importance of the role that the guarantor (insured) done in contributing to development of preventive measures of incidents of pilferage and damage money year and the inclusion of funds and the Ministry of defense and the intelligence service protected in line with the general economic orientation of the state.

Council did vote on the draft law amending the Insurance Act compulsory car accidents No. (52) for the year 1980, and provided financial security and defense, oil and energy committees due to increased motor vehicle accidents and to cover compensation compulsory insurance and coverage of incidents of military vehicle insurance compulsory and determine the percentage of deductions of gasoline and gas oil sales.

Council voted in principle to proceed to read the draft of Public Prosecutions Act after the completion of the first reading of the law submitted by the Legal Committee following the changes that took place after the issuance of the prosecution Law No. 159 of 1979 and to keep up with these changes and compatibility with the new legislation and to ensure good performance in the federal judicial power components.

On the other hand, a majority of the Council voted on the choice of Mr. Justice ultra Zidane behind the slave head of the Federal Court of Cassation after the nomination of the Supreme Judicial Council unanimously.

The Board completed the first reading of the proposed ownership of low-income people the law of residential land and provided legal committees, services and ages, which is in line with what came to rule (30-I) of the Constitution, which ruled (the state guarantees for the individual and the family the basic components of living in a free and dignified life and adequate housing) and the presence of many cases go beyond citizens with limited income to build housing in the territory of the State can not be access to adequate housing and economic their capabilities and self accordance with the provisions of Article (27-I) of the Constitution relating to the protection of public funds from overtaking housing and non-earmarked for housing already and to shorten the effort and costs and procedures and that the citizen is a contributor to maintaining for state funds.

Mr. Speaker and the face of the Commission on addressing the executive to know her opinion of the proposal submitted by the move legitimizes.

President al-Jubouri also instructed tray All applications submitted for discussion by the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives on the agenda, pointing to scheduling to answer written and oral questions submitted by the ladies and gentlemen deputies to the ministers or the prime minister.

The Board discussed the issue of recovery of money diverted from Iraq based on a request from the Attorney Hoshyar Abdullah.

The MP applicant that the Iraqi street wants to take to prosecute the corrupt and addressing the issue of money smuggling serious action, pointing out that Iraq is competing for the top of the most corrupt countries in the world.

He suggested MP Abdullah formation of an expanded committee comprising legal committees, integrity, Finance and Foreign Relations is preparing reports to the Council includes, according to the roof of a specific time frame and the preparation of the stolen money figures and ways of retrieving the Legal Committee of the government's decision is needed to investigate the accounts and balances hovering around suspicions, calling on the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to Overture the international community and international organizations to cooperate with Iraq in order to recover the money smuggled abroad.

In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives MP said Saleh al-Hasnawi state's ability to recover the money smuggled out not on a real will to fight corruption, calling on the House to compel the government to submit a draft law, "Where did you get this" cooperation with the judiciary to implement this project.

MP Ashwaq dry to the need to address the cases of dual nationality officials prosecuted on corruption charges, in accordance with the laws in force in the countries of nationality.

MP Amin Bakr prosecutors Iraqi activate its role and move the complaint involved with corruption, looting money and cooperation with the relevant anti-money laundering and looting of organizations.

He noted the MP Ahmed al-Jubouri said all the money has been transferred formally Epeshkkl through the Central Bank and the Bank of auction trade under the pretext of contracts for the execution of projects.

In turn, the MP called Hanan al to host the Integrity Commission to know the real numbers of Iraq's money abroad and destiny.

The MP urged dreams Husseini relevant committees in the House of Representatives to follow up on the findings of the special committees on the problem of corruption cases over the past years.

I suggest Attorney Kaveh Mohammad issuing a decision the government is required to approach the United Nations to work on the recovery of smuggled Iraqi funds and coordination with international companies specialized in this field.

The MP Khalid al-Asadi to call the Integrity Commission and the Office of Financial Supervision involved in the subject to find out the facts from official sources.

MP Ammar Tohme host the concerned authorities and the resumption of the effort that he has done in the previous session of the Council with regard to the search for sources of corruption.

For his part, MP revealed Abbas al-Bayati of the existence of large farms with areas for the cultivation of tea in Sarinca in the name of Iraq, which requires follow-up, calling on the House of Representatives approached the Foreign Ministry to inquire of European banks.

Olive-Dulaimi urged the MP government and the House of Representatives to work to follow up on financial transfers and real estate owned by some officials abroad, calling for disengagement of inspectors general in ministries you are in office.

The MP stressed the importance of reconciling the Lord government's move to activate the role of Interpol in the prosecution of corrupt and follow up the work of banks in order to avoid any possibility of smuggling money.

President al-Jubouri, and stressed that the function of the House of Representatives focused on the control and legislation that are presented files of corruption in the media, calling for the Integrity Commission to submit the files of corruption within the meetings of the Council, calling on the Commission to provide a detailed report on the money smuggled abroad and presented to the Council.

And the face of the President of the Council to set a date for a meeting this week or next at the latest, to be chaired by the Presidency of the Council and the participation of the Integrity Commission and the Office of Financial Supervision and representatives of the inspectors general of the Central Bank and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the judiciary as well as the participation of finance and foreign affairs committees and integrity, external relations, security and defense and legal to provide statistics and information on the money and property and checking their own destiny.

This was followed by the Attorney Hamid vegetative statement in which he referred to the role of the highest religious authority Ali al-Sistani in the dangerous and complex reality that goes to Iraq and the region, noting that the decision of the reference to stop the rhetoric weekly guideline only after Bh voice without letting it touch the footsteps clear towards reforms and fight corruption.

He called vegetative to work hard to alleviate the suffering of the Iraqi people and a review of reference directives and make it a working paper for the implementation of reforms and beaten with an iron fist on the heads of corruption, demanding political leadership of the country to hold an emergency meeting to develop solutions and practical measures for all the problems plaguing the country.

I finished reading the report and discuss the project of private security companies and law submitted by the Committee on Security and Defense.

In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives on the bill, MP Riad Ghareeb stressed the need to tighten procedures to be provided for the work of the security companies for lack of accidents are severe consequences and painful.

The MP Birwan reformer to the importance of a vision within the concepts of globalization as well as ensure the safety of the legal position of all employees of the security companies.

MP Ardolan Noureddine increase the subscription amount of security for companies and make it 25 million instead of 10 million dinars.

The MP Ammar Tohme stressed the importance of determining the number of security companies and powers to curb the militarization of society, pointing to the cancellation of the temporary splurge Authority Order No. 17.

The MP Awwad exhaust to determine the protection of companies and accounted However, elements of the Iraqis and put tougher sanctions in the bill.

In turn, urged the MP Adnan al-Asadi to reduce the number of security companies operating in Iraq being a threat to national security.

He said the Attorney Jawad al-Bolani to organize the work of security companies law will contribute to encourage the investment side and foreign companies to operate in the country.

In its response to the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives Committee on emphasized taken into account the proposals and controls and paragraphs contained in the draft law based on the laws adopted and the Iraqi situation.

Then decide to adjourn the meeting until Monday next 02/08/2016.

The information department
Iraqi Council of Representatives