Rubaie Mishan: Jubouri your statements end the political experience and the new Iraq as a whole

Saturday 06-02-2016 | 7:55:11

Twilight News / Counting the leadership of the State of Law Coalition MP Muwaffaq al-Rubaie on Saturday the launch of the Union of Forces MP Mishan al-Jubouri recipe corruption at all of them into the political process, "the process of further corruption."

He said al-Rubaie said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, "we're not with the circular because it cover up the corrupt and the corrupt real, because the circular drops everyone and drops the entire political process, or those who made it, and therefore drops the new whole experience and finish the new Iraq," calling at the same time, "the judiciary and the integrity to publicly disclosed the names of the corrupt and spoilers, as well as we want to provide condemnation and documents and figures presented to the Iraqi people and not just accusations. "

"I do not defend a corrupt or corrupting whatever in any position in all governments and belonged to any component, and on the blocks that allow all defendants to question ministers without defend them, in order that the people may hear the charge and heard the defense."

He stressed that "we do not agree on the manner in which the MP Mr. Mishan al-Jubouri, which used the adjective sweeping, and it was submitting its files with evidence to the House of Representatives and its committees, justice or fairness."

Jubouri and fired in one of the statements Qaith unprecedented involvement of most of the characters political class in Iraq, plundering the country's wealth without being designated by the names, but said he expected to meet the same that the Iraqi Council of Representatives takes action against him.

And the inclusion of the Iraqi Council of Representatives by a request from the ruling National Alliance bloc, which represents the Shiites in the legislative and executive branches in a meeting last Thursday to discuss the Jubouri's remarks, as the Council decided at that meeting to form a committee to consider those charges.

The transmission of activists on social networking sites and video clips to meet with al-Jubouri's controversial, it talks about financial corruption and plunder of wealth in Iraq as "We are all corrupt political class, including me personally."

He also said, according to those traded syllables as having corrupted files hidden if confided by the Iraqi public "to burst into the Green Zone (which includes government buildings and residences for senior state officials and most members of parliament) and attacked the region from where," and he added, "I am afraid to speak out because they ( any corrupt) Sasvoh physically, or at least make up for the disciplinary Committee in parliament against him as they did with one of his colleagues. "