The House of Representatives is heading enact a law ending the housing crisis in the country

0602 2016
The House of Representatives is moving to prepare the law authorizes the government to sell its territory in Baghdad and the provinces according ensure that the poor benefit from this process in exchange for sums mechanisms, in a move expected to replace part of the housing crisis, it also provides state financial resource that helps to heal the global collapse of oil prices but the success of this project seems to be linked to other actions notably the provision of soft loans to citizens to ensure the construction of these territories.

He says services committee in the House of Representatives Abdul Hussein Alazerjaoa in an interview with "New Morning", "The parliament voted last weekend to entrust the parliamentary committees to prepare a study on the housing crisis in Iraq."

He Alazerjaoa, National Alliance MP, said: "This study leads to the formulation of the law include the sale of land in Baghdad and the provinces to the citizens."

He pointed out that "the sale of the state check materially important resource," pointing out that "prices are given according to the most important determinants of the location and the space are placed."

In contrast, Alozarjaoa asserts that "the poor class will be handled by about a special", pointing to "mechanisms will hopefully be developed in order to allow for this segment to benefit from the land, too, in the forefront of that allowance is a symbolic sums and progress payments."

As he reported that "the Council of Ministers vector for some time to sell the land," noted that "the legislature is seeking by finding the law to confirm the legitimacy of these operations."

He predicted a member of the Services Committee that "the House of Representatives will not be delayed in the preparation of the project," but requires "serious presence of the member for Tndij ideas and complete proposals as soon as possible."

And back to explain that "sales operations will not succeed without further proceedings in the forefront of providing loans and accessories build a complete logistics and facilitation so as not to keep the land is built."

Zarjaoa concluded by saying, "We are still in the initial stages, and our ideas have not seen the light yet, and hopefully unify efforts to achieve two goals at once: the solution to the housing crisis, and contribute to provide revenue for the state."
On the contrary, it calls into question by the other two banks Shaukat Committee in the success of the House of Representatives to prepare a realistic study of the land sales, he said in a statement to the "New Morning", "The number of Almarqlat will stand in front of solving the housing crisis."
He said Shaukat, Kurdistan Alliance MP that "the vote on the law would not work without finding mechanisms to implement it, otherwise will remain disabled as a lot of legislation."
He was to be "the economic crisis and the weakness of liquidity due to the global collapse in oil prices will stand the way of the pursuit competent authorities for the distribution of land to the citizens."
Shaukat advised the federal government that "considering the file after weather the financial crisis and rising oil prices, and not distracting herself by now."
Iraq has suffered a crisis in housing worsened unity after 2003, prompting many citizens to live in government buildings were vandalized, as well as the proliferation of slums in the majority of Iraqi provinces, at a time when homes and apartments rent continue to rise, especially after the control of the organization (Daash) on many of the provinces and the accompanying exodus of groups to safe areas in the country operations.
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