Eliminating form a committee of files owned by Mishan Jubouri against officials

2016-02-06 07:20:24 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Revealed to the Parliamentary Integrity Commission member Mishan al-Jubouri, the formation of the Supreme Judicial Council committee to consider the files owned by al-Jubouri against corrupt officials, stating that the judge Majid al-Araji, head of the Central Commission of Inquiry will oversee the follow-up those files after receiving a directive that of Chief Justice Medhat al-Mahmoud.

Jubouri said in a statement singled out by Radio tow he would present all the documents in his possession that condemns views and political figures of stealing Iraqi money to the judiciary and will announce the results, which would bring the Judicial Council in this regard negatively the mother positively as he pointed out that the committee set up by parliament to investigate the recent statements will be end death like committees that formed the previous issues since the change of regime and so far prevented that yielded no solutions.

Jubouri and between there and mediations have talked with him under the auspices of the public interest title to refrain from providing the attributes of the documents indicting some of those responsible to justice and to delay his recent statements towards the corrupt, pointing out that he rejected those mediations and went on to deliver what he has to eliminate.

Jubouri said that about eighty percent of the investment budget for the years that followed the regime change and that the total amounts of $ 500 billion has been stolen from those budgets.

He predicted al-Jubouri, the inability of the parliament not to drop his immunity and termination of membership in parliament that the rules of procedure has not been stated that the statements be a reason to drop the organic with the text of the Law on the Elimination be dropping the membership of the MP request judicial and this did not happen as he went by himself to the judiciary to detect corrupt according to him, between that there are contacts took place between him and the citizens of all provinces, including Basra, Dhi Qar praised for exposing a file corruption. According to his speech.

The House of Representatives had on Thursday formed a committee to investigate the statements launched by MP Mishan al-Jubouri, in which politicians describe the Iraqi state Bsrac public money, and that all blocs participated in the years after the former regime change stealing budgets as saying.