Video: Baghdad operations reveal to the Sumerian new security wall thereof details

Friday February 5, 2016 12:06

One hundred-kilometer first stage, continue engineering staff of the Baghdad Operations Command since the first of February, the current digging a trench around the capital, Baghdad, within the fence project operations commander Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir al-Shammari revealed to the Sumerian for details.

He says al-Shammari, "digging a trench width of 3 meters and two meters deep and make settlement of the ways with the monument watchtowers certain spaces as well as the installation of surveillance cameras to monitor the space between the towers, in addition to the establishment of the entrances to Baghdad claimed to be wheeled sonar and detachments to Nine locked."

Shammari team also talked about new information concerning the fight against organized crime in the capital also confirmed the return of activity of armed groups to areas south.

He adds Shammari: "In the Rusafa there the presence of gangs many, the past two days has been captured on the biggest gang in the New Baghdad for robberies confessed to their crimes, the Arab Jabour area some of the detachments which are active to hit the elements of the Awakening and citizens were recorded during the four cases a week, the band 16 is following this detachments. "

Commander of Baghdad operations also revealed new details concerning Daash attack, which occurred on the tenth of last month's New Baghdad, confirming the arrest of the armed cell that supplied the bombers with weapons and planned the attack, which was the use of a car bomb which came from outside Baghdad and specifically Nikhaib.