Parliament before the holiday .. General amnesty and the Federal Court the most important laws of the vote

Date: Monday 12/03/2012 10:36

□ Baghdad / Iyad al-Tamimi
holiday coincides with the House of Representatives legislative summit in Baghdad March 29 of the current. The Presidency of the Council of Representatives confirmed that the coming period will witness the adoption of more than 20 laws including the Law on Amnesty's controversial, for its part of the Legal Committee confirmed that it has completed the drafting of the bill's final after taking the observations and proposals of all parliamentary blocs.

Member of the Legal Committee Attorney Mahmoud Hassan said "The committee ended a few days before the formulation of general amnesty law after making amendments in line with the proposals and observations of the blocks.
said Hassan, a deputy of the State of Law coalition in a statement to the correspondent term in Parliament that "the current version of the law guaranteed not to inclusion of blood on their hands the blood of Iraqis and detainees in accordance with Article 4 terrorism. "
and the good that the coalition of state law and the Liberal bloc has reached a final agreement between them and there is no obstacle or rivalry between them after what they were different on the subject of the release of the accused according to Article 4, terrorism and bringing them amnesty, as well as fake documents subjects who used it for the purpose of appointment except for counterfeiters graduate degrees (Masters, and PhD).
to that seen as the Iraqi List, the current version of the law suggested category and ignored categories suggesting that more who Ciecmlon amnesty are the followers of the Sadrist movement, ignoring detainees confirm the list they're followed, ruling out the timing of the passing of the bill the subject of the Summit of Baghdad denied any interventions regional for approval.
member of the Iraqi MP Salem Daly revealed that covered by the law, the accused according to Article 4, terrorism will be put up for discussion at today's meeting, and then will be selected covered a mechanism between the perpetrators of crimes according to article and the accused only.
and denied Daly that "the timing of the passing of the bill has to do with the convening of the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad later this month stressing the importance of approval in the activation of reconciliation and improve the atmosphere between the parties.
said Daly in a statement to the correspondent term in parliament, "there are objections of parliamentary blocs and the changing attitudes to the law in its final form after the announcement of the completion of it, explaining that he had separated as Tbgeh block specific reference to the Liberal bloc, which adopted this law.
said Delly said Iraqi List, in spite of its reservation to the law but in the case of inclusion to vote will not mind being will contribute to the release of innocent people.
In the same context, MP for the mass of Hassan Altalla, the need to include a paragraph accounting entities that caused the arrest of innocent people in the draft general amnesty law, explaining that the law hold all who caused imprisonment on charges of malicious.
said Altalla in a press statement that "the prisoner be either guilty and deserves to be punished, or innocence not his fault and was arrested unlawfully," adding that "must be held accountable amnesty law of cause in the arrest of innocent prisoners to be a deterrent to anyone trying to injustice someone on charges of malicious. "
He said, "the amnesty law should not include criminals whose hands are stained with the blood of the people in order to Aitakerr what happened in 2002 when he fired the former regime release all the criminals and returned again to carry out their criminal acts."
The draft law on general amnesty proposed in the Parliament find reservations from some of the blocks, in the view of other blocs should not include this Act who commits murder against the people of Iraq.
to that held the Presidency of the Council of Representatives yesterday, held a meeting in the hall the Constitutional Council with the heads of committees and representatives of parliamentary blocs to discuss the constitutional amendments and draft legal Federal Court and the Supreme Judicial Council and the functioning of the committees.
said Mr. Speaker Osama Najafi at the start of the meeting which was attended by Vice President sedan Qusay al-Suhail, Arif Tayfur, the importance of expediting resolution of draft laws and efforts to activate the work of the Council in the regulatory and legislative, which would contribute the development and nation-building calling for the need to exercise parliamentary committees functions are believed to provide a wide range of laws for a vote.
The meeting discussed the time the House of Representatives in the coming period where it was agreed to cancel the weekend planned this week and extend the work of the Council until the next Sunday after is allocated a holiday up to 4 of the month of April next to make up for holidays for festivals Nowruz and to avoid the special procedures to prepare for holding the Arab summit later this month and the accompanying atmosphere of tight security.
The meeting focused during the discussion of the paragraph concerning the constitutional amendments on the importance of forming a new committee for constitutional amendments through the provision of parliamentary blocs candidates on the committee that will take it upon themselves to consider the amendments and what has been done in order to reach results contribute to the attention of the referendum.
and on the Federal Court and the Supreme Judicial Council meeting underlined the need to reach a consensus enables the display of two draft laws to the parliament in the coming days, especially in the presence of a consensus between the blocks on the importance of the legal code of the Federal Court and the Judicial Council, which are of importance to the achievement of the foundations of justice and the resolution of contentious issues in the Constitution or the outstanding issues between the center and the provinces and territories.
The meeting agreed to work hard to activate the role of the committees to submit draft laws and completed the form, which provides state-building and serve the citizens will be after the holiday, the legislative report in the House of Representatives to assess the work of the committees and begin to take action against the absent members of the committees exercise their functions in the parliamentary committees.