Najaf management: 340 billion dinars to maintain corporate indebtedness of the province for companies

_Management confirmed Najaf, on Wednesday, infrastructure and services projects ceased to maintain the result of the financial crisis that is currently rocking the country. While it is shown that the indebtedness of companies and contractors amounting to 340 billion dinars, I went back to the style of deferred payment can be "saved" and believes in complete important projects.
The governor of Najaf, Luay al-Yassiri, said that "most of the stalled projects in Najaf, dating back to last in 2014, and some of them in 2013," noting that "2014 projects completely stopped, while the percentage of completion of some 2013 projects amounted to 90 percent."
Yassiri added that "the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers directed the liquidation of all the projects and make final settlement with mutual consent with contractors and companies implemented," noting that "the province owes more than 340 billion dinars for companies and contractors."Governor explained that "all projects have been rolled over to the year past 2015," pointing out that "the projects are classified into an important and a priority and these are coordinating with the Ministry of Planning to accomplish as a strategy."
Yasiri continued that "the administration of the province Stphath provincial council on projects that have reached completion to ninety percent and you need a few exaggerated proportion, in order to obtain a loan from local resources to complete, because the amount of those revenues do not exceed nine billion dinars and does not cover the cost of half of the project."
The governor of Najaf that "the administration of the province is counting on style payment on credit to complete the rest of the project, especially after receiving a letter from the Council of Ministers in this regard," returned that there is a "clear paralysis in the sectors of education, health, where you need to maintain for more than 400 school buildings, and many new hospitals or complete the lagging projects in the districts and areas. "
He went Yassiri said, "The University of Kufa need is the other to complete a number of important buildings, as well as the Euphrates University and the University of East Jaber Ibn Hayyan medical"