Shell has the lowest annual profit in at least 13 years because of falling oil

Royal Dutch Shell, the largest oil company in Europe, announced on Thursday, to achieve a minimum annual profit in at least 13 years with the affected earnings due to falling oil prices.

Shell said -alta approved by shareholders last week on its acquisition of rival Ba.ja- The 2015 profit fell 87 percent on an annual basis to $ 1.94 billion, in line with analysts' expectations.

And it landed the company's earnings based on the current cost of supplies to the exclusion of specific items in the fourth quarter by 44 percent to $ 1.83 billion. This is the preferred method of the company at the expense of profits.

The total capital expenditure in the year to cripple the entire $ 28.9 billion, including at least $ 8.4 billion for 2014. It is expected that the capital expenditure for the Shell Group compound BG-33 billion dollars in 2016, down by 45 percent from Anvagahma compound.

Shell said it has sold assets worth $ 5.5 billion in 2015