Araji: We detect whales with corruption and reject blanket accusations without proof

Thursday February 4, 2016 20:02

News Alsumaria / Baghdad

The President of the parliamentary bloc Badr Qasim al-Araji, Thursday, that every effort should be made to expose the corrupt and accountable "whales corruption," while the rejection of "blanket accusations" to everyone without a guide.

He said in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, "We strongly support and move forward to open corruption and accounting whales files of corruption," stressing "the need to exert utmost efforts in order to expose corruption and the corrupt and bring them to justice. "

Araji said, "We support the lifting of the immunity of MP Mishan al-Jubouri on the back of his confession and frankly taken a bribe to close a specific file," expressing his "refusal to circulate accusations to everyone and charge for others without proof . "

Araji stressed that "we are seeking through this subject to the corrupt accountable, especially since taking a bribe by a deputy in the Parliamentary Integrity Committee member is not easy and can not be overlooked."

He was a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Commission Adel Nouri said, Thursday, MP Mishan al-Jubouri recognition on himself and accused all those involved in the political process Bastelamanm a bribe to cover up the corrupted files during the recent television statements, as "a serious charge and defect dividing parliamentarian ", and among the al-Jubouri," posing "recipe membership of the parliamentary integrity, he stressed that his position would be" difficult and will not come out unscathed, "before the judiciary.

House of Representatives The voted on Thursday to set up a Parliamentary Committee to investigate the MP for the Coalition of Iraqi forces Mishan al-Jubouri's remarks in Which all the Accused Politicians and owners of high-level positions color: as "corrupt and Mrchun."

The Jubouri Admitted Earlier, color: as part of the Corruption That exists in Iraq , and stressed That all Political and owners of high-level positions in the country "are On corrupt and Mrchun", color: as pointed out That he and all members of the Committee when they're want to open any file related to corruption "comes corrupt and surrender Committee bribery is evacuated completely close the file."