Nuri al-Maliki son purchased a more expensive home and the world is heading for the purchase of Saddam's palaces

He said an Iraqi source familiar with Ahmed son of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is moving to buy the palaces of former President Saddam Hussein's government will submit them for sale in the 3000 state-owned property as one of the solutions to solve the financial crisis that has plagued Iraq currently.

The source, who preferred not to be named, said Ahmed al-Maliki has directed his aides to prepare a study for some of the palaces of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, which the government intends to offer for sale in cooperation with the offices of Real Estate to include putative Akiemha and the extent of grandeur and suitability for use offline.

The source noted that one of al-Maliki's appetite for the acquisition of luxury mansions is not new having recently bought the most expensive house in the world's $ 301 million values ​​.. as he had bought two years ago Tigris Palace return to the heirs of former President Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr fact, next to the suspension bridge overlooking the Tigris River, an amount far less than its true value. $ 12 million.

The most expensive house in the world was unveiled during the past two days for the purchase of Ahmed al-Maliki for the most expensive house in the world worth 275 million euros (301 million US), the British newspaper The Andbndt said that the person who bought the property, who asked not to be identified, but sources close to al-Maliki confirmed that his son Ahmed is bought This luxury home.

This home Amsamm on the way His Excellency the Palace of Versailles Hecbr and the largest French royal palaces and is located between the areas (Versailles, and Marly Le Roy) in Paris and extends over an area of ​​(4645) square meters and includes two wings main room and a large reception roof adorned with hand drawings and kitchens were designed artistically and floors reserved for occasions In addition to the cellar for wines and internal house cinema and an underground aquarium is the only one of its kind in Europe.

This house has broke the record for residential properties world-beating Butmenh on the price of an apartment in the British capital London, which sold for $ 221 million in 2011.

Orientation of Saddam's palaces

Ahmed al-Maliki and go offline to buy palaces of Saddam's government will soon be presenting to sales within the more than 600 000 drug have continued to turn their price to cash flow within its plan to cope with the financial Haunted by the decline in oil prices and the high expenses of the war against al-Daash.

The Finance Committee and in the House of Representatives are talking about the possibility of the government for about $ 150 billion from the sale of property to the state, but expresses concern over the acquisition of parties and influential figures on the property at low prices and one of these parties is the son of Nuri al-Maliki.

In fact, a number of political parties, movements and personalities currently accounts for a large number of government property. The number of Qsdor Saddam palace about 300, mostly in Baghdad. The source suggests that Ahmed al-Maliki is heading for the purchase of a number of these palaces in Baghdad and Basra.

Two years ago, unveiled in Baghdad for a business deal for the son of al-Maliki, which bought the Tigris Palace return to the heirs of former President Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr fact, next to the suspension bridge, overlooking the Tigris River, an amount far less than its true value.

Real estate sources said the palace, which includes three Villas area of ​​each one of which 1,200 square meters and six cut total residential spaces (7200) square meters Ahmed bought $ 12 million. She explained that the office of the property in the nearby Green Zone Harthiya neighborhood took over the sale process and the purchase of the palace which was officially record the name of Ahmed al-Maliki in the Real Estate Registration Department Mansour district and that the heirs of the late President Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr had delegated his son Haji Abdul Salam al-Bakr to complete the sale on their behalf.

She then information that the process of buying the Tigris Palace has been rapidly by al-Maliki's son after they have been reported and confirmed information that the French embassy in Baghdad has been brought to the heirs of pristine President $ 40 million to buy it and turn it into the headquarters of the embassy attachés affiliate.