Investment: 40% of the projects under way in Iraq

02/04/2016 01:27

Investment: 40% of the projects under way in Iraq

BAGHDAD / obelisk: The President of the Investment Commission, Sami al-Araji, Wednesday, that 40% of projects in Iraq are under way, noting that the remainder of the projects the ratio to suffer from problems in the ground and funding, as he emphasized the existence of 'wide' investment plan for each year.

He said al-Araji, said that 'the proportion of projects that are under implementation in Iraq amounted to 40%', pointing out that '60% of the projects facing problems in land, finance '.

He said al-Araji, that 'there is a wide investment plan for each year in Iraq', noting that 'the Commission has concluded agreements Iraq has made deals with all countries of the world are open.'

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi confirmed, earlier, that Iraq has a great opportunity to invest but some stood against the development and putting obstacles in front of him, pointing out that he will not allow it and will use all means to stop such attempts.