Mishan al-Araji, and together the whales

Syed Ahmed Abbasi

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

After the whirlwind caused by the MP Mishan al-Jubouri's comments about corrupt politicians in all of Iraq it was supposed to political blocs and heads of blocs to respond to MP Mishan al-Jubouri about what these files or objection and this lesser evil!

We have not heard from the large blocs of any objection or an appropriate response on this fiery statements made by Mishan al-Jubouri, and that mixing them tangle did not exclude political in Iraq without accusing him of taking a bribe or accuse him of squandering the wealth of Iraq and this means that all the heads of blocs involved corruption and silent as if on headed bird !!!

The special thing in the Attorney-Jubouri is his strength of character in this proposal, bold!

Some have been critical of me from writing about al-Jubouri, because he has some of the previous negative attitudes towards private Sons of Iraq when he was in Syria. So tell Mayanini this day stands with us in adversity. We searched even in the history of most of the politicians, we will find the pros and sockets than the right-Jubouri said. Important man stands with the people of Iraq.

This proposal will make him a hero when the Iraqi people in the case of revealing the files of corruption and not just accuse and discredit the claim. And tell him declared Aamcaan Atkhav whales.

He said al-Jubouri and language confident of himself, but the language of hesitant: we all steal, and take a bribe and he has stories if aware of them people came creeping green area and burned and all the Iraqi political class located in the Green Zone is the cause of corruption and that every one of the politicians, including it has a role this corruption!

And everyone knows that the ruling class is involved in this corruption, but the Iraqi people possesses no documents or condemns Zaid Omar. But exposing corruption remains a duty to legally and ethically.

And the MP Mishan al-Jubouri if he has this amount of documents displayed publicly in front of the satellite channels in order to publicly expose the spoilers before giving it to the Iraqi judiciary.

I hope the MP Mishan al-Jubouri to announce one or more files belonging to corrupt politicians in a satellite and then we will see the reaction of the political blocs!

But beware the other hand MP Mishan al-Jubouri, intensify protection of about the same because it will be a potential target for whales corruption.

We await this week or after him and by the time he deems appropriate in order to announce al-Jubouri, about the corruption of the ruling class and to Aejamml in the right and that the Enzdd and is not afraid.

And say to the Vice-Jubouri Iraqi people will respect you put your trust in God and that the elimination of these spoilers will be held accountable account Ainf difficult day to apologize and regret.

But my objection to Mr. MP Qassem al-Araji objection to Masrah by the Attorney-Jubouri and file a complaint against him in Iraqi courts!

It is noteworthy that the President of the parliamentary bloc Badr Qasim al-Araji, chairman of the parliament called for the lifting of the immunity of MP Mishan al-Jubouri and submit it to the Integrity Commission attributing the reason for this is to acknowledge to his confession of bribery.

They said that (on the Presidium of the House of Representatives that the lifting of the immunity of MP Mishan al-Jubouri and submit it to the Integrity Commission).

He attributed it to al-Araji reason (his confession that he acknowledge to bribery with a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee).

I say if the objection in terms of the acquittal of your position, this objection acceptable and good.

But to be a complaint against the Mishan Jubouri is not the right thing. It was rather that Mr. Qassim al-Araji meet with Mishan al-Jubouri and understanding about corrupt files and work together to expose the corrupt.

Jubouri did not hesitate to declare publicly and without any embarrassment or shame, that he took a bribe (km million dollars) for the closure of one of the files, but any Jubouri laughed at him. It goes Jubouri's controversial remarks that the political class all bear responsibility because they lie and steal, and take a bribe, and who says otherwise is lying !!!

Hear ye, and looking at yourself:


Mishan al-Jubouri admitted earlier that part of the corruption that exists in Iraq. He stressed that all political and owners of high-level positions in Iraq (and corrupt Mrchun) while noting that he and all members of the Committee when they want to open any file related to corruption and corrupt comes surrender Committee (bribe) is evacuated completely close the file !!!!

Jubouri said to a news agency today that the Badr fought with us in the fight Daash They are not a political bloc and the difference of opinion does not spoil the intimacy noting that he raised against him in more than 15 case per day in publishing court to tell the truth and opinion quite frankly

(Owned many important corrupted files and the Iraqi judiciary and the Integrity Commission allocated only a special judge for the files that I own and I prefer to give it to crack and integrity rather than published in the media) saying that he (does not trust the procedures of the judiciary, but the higher authorities in the Judicial Council, according to my conviction will be held accountable defaulting judge in his work ).

I hope Mr. Qassim al-Araji that invalidate the lawsuit withdrawn and accelerates to meet Mishan Jubouri and cooperate with him in exposing the corrupt and this work will support the Badr force. They are the power in the field and in the power of Parliament. And the opening of the corrupt files is a victory last victories such as the popular crowd sacred. May God help you for the good of Iraq. Https://www.facebook.com/pens.from.mesopotamiab