The provincial government to impose relative saving of salaries & sale of oil auction
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Thread: The provincial government to impose relative saving of salaries & sale of oil auction

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    The provincial government to impose relative saving of salaries & sale of oil auction

    The provincial government to impose the relative savings of salaries and the sale of oil auction

    [Erbil-where] -
    Kurdistan Regional Government decided to impose the relative savings of salaries and allowances of staff.

    According to spokesman for the Government of the Territory, Sven Desaia, at a news conference on Wednesday, on the outcome of meetings of the Council of Ministers of Kurdistan, "it was the adoption of new measures in the framework of reducing expenses and increasing imports to address the financial crisis, namely:

    1. Follow the relative savings of the total salaries and allowances of staff in the Kurdistan region system, and the exclusion of the Peshmerga security forces of these actions, the salaries and allowances of the remaining months of last year, will remain as a loan in the Ministry of Finance and will be included in a special account in the name of the savings of employees in the Kurdistan region, and will returned and distributed to staff when financial conditions improve, and this decision is implemented from the date of 01.01.2016.

    2. Employees who have devoted their cars by the Government of the Territory, have to bear all the expenses of those cars, and vice versa can bring their cars to their ministries and their constituencies and mobility for the transport of cargo staff, like their colleagues.

    3. The formation of a joint committee composed of the Office of Financial Supervision, the Secretariat of the provincial council for oil and gas, and Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Natural Resources] to oversee and check all calculations figures relating to imports which Asthsal from oil and gas in the Kurdistan region, and in cooperation with international companies to be certified in the field of computational audit, in order for us to separate the financial operations of imports from the Ministry of Natural Resources until the start and direct the body that was formed in the previous meeting of the Council of Ministers.

    4. be buying, selling and exchange of crude oil and oil derivatives operations, with the exception of oil exported through the pipeline, through public and announced bid, on the basis of competition and provide equal opportunities for all companies, contractors and the most favorable prices and the best quality, that the Ministry of Natural Resources to implement Help in this area within 30 days, after ratification by the Board of the province for oil and gas, and the Board of Control that the task of monitoring and auditing.

    5. All relevant ministries, governors, and Alqaimmqam, and in coordination with the Chamber of Commerce and business control, to watch the markets and the creation of a balance between imports citizen and the prices of materials and daily services, especially food, and the prices of clinics and medical examination, surgeries and pharmacies, and rents and prices Education Ahli and nurseries and Internet services, and the prices of private generators, and the Council of Ministers to grant all necessary powers to the concerned ministers and governors. "

    6. Install the foundations of decentralization in the production of the hydrocarbon sector by reducing the provinces the power so you can each province to decide according to its own situation, how the oil production sector management, private sector participation in securing oil production, so that again is not managed through the Ministry of Natural Resources.

    7. Create sophisticated email program, to record all the names of those who receive salaries from the Government of the region, so that each of whom own his own, so that we can expose some who are more than one salary to receive, and also who receive salaries ways Qanonah.anthy


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