House of Representatives denies cancellation to reduce the salaries of its members

He denied the information department of the House of Representatives, on Wednesday, cited by some media on the abolition of the salaries of members of the House of Representatives reduction, stressing that the reduction is still in force.+

The department said in a statement that "some media news story dealt with a false view that the House of Representatives has canceled the reduction passed by on salaries of its members within the paper and parliamentary reform."

Council According to the statement, adding, "And as the information department denies this news altogether, it stresses that the reduction decision is still in force and did not vote for it abolished the Council on the members of the House of Representatives to reduce the salaries."

He said the council statement that "on this occasion, we call upon the media all accuracy and commitment controls and professional credibility and the news from reliable sources," pointing out that "the House of Representatives reserves the right to sue the publishers of these lies legally