Dulaimi: the government's economic measures shy and useless

I went back to the economic and investment commission in Parliament the government's economic measures, "shy" and useless.

She said a member of the Committee olive-Dulaimi said: "The government measures shy and useless in light of the financial situation experienced by the country," and warned of "difficult to plug in salaries after the money that the government borrowed from the Central Bank enters into force, and the continuing decline in oil."

They noted that "the economic and investment commission called on the government to go to the market sale of foreign currency that drain from Iraq control and lose a lot of money in hard currency reserves," asserting that "the government had resorted to printing the Iraqi currency without the presence of foreign currency, will not have a cover and become not worthless. "

She said al-Dulaimi, "The government went to the sale of property state, his solution is better than that which is invested, the fact that the ongoing investment will bring money to the state."

The government called for a "reduction of special grades and merging ministries and address the sagging body of the state, and activation of investment, and protection of the national product through self-sufficiency not to import products manufactured locally, in addition to activating the customs tariff of all border crossing points."+