The parliamentary finance committee refuses to sell state property

0302 2016

Parliamentary Finance Committee rejected a proposed sale of properties to meet the state's budget deficit this year, and there were conflicting reports about the quality of the properties for sale, fearing sold at low prices, at a time of possible exposure to the investment in order to come revenues added to the general budget. "

Fears of possible corruption

Objected MP Magda Abdel-Latif al-Tamimi, in a press conference attended by the "morning" yesterday, the Display Properties State for sale "because it will be sold at low prices, at a time possible to offer to invest in order to come revenues added to the general budget," as she put it.

Said al-Tamimi told the "morning" on the sidelines of the conference, a journalist, said that "Real Estate State file large and spiky file and there, has claimed points from senior politicians," she said, adding "I do not accept that these palaces and sold real estate at a time when the state can be learned from them." He continued: "presidential palaces can be rented and presentation of investment for use across converted into museums where exposure civilization of Iraq and be a new source of revenue for the state," emphasizing that "the investment of these shortcomings is better than selling them, which will be at a very cheap." Contrary to see the file on the MP-Tamimi Real Estate State, the Committee on "Services" parliamentary explained, "The State Real Estate sale will be through public auction."

Dispel fears

Committee Chairman Nazim al-Saadi, said in a statement yesterday: "The sale of state property does not hold fears of corruption operations, because it will be according to the law and through public auction and clearly."

He said al-Saadi, said that "it will be selling some real estate, such as real estate subsidiary to the Ministry of Finance and the buildings of the defunct departments to the former regime, as well as some distinctive plots of land in the abandoned and underutilized circuits incorrectly and exceeded it." He also pointed out that "Rent Real Estate small state and not commensurate with the data," noting that "the lease is granted to the Ministry of Finance." As Saadi pointed out that there is a paragraph in the law (sale and rental of state funds) on the rent "Vwazzra, for example, cut from their salary for rent," noting that "the Council of Ministers recently passed a resolution to raise the rent from two million to four million dinars inside the Green Zone."

Presidential palaces «for sale»

, The Commission "legal" revealed in the House of Representatives, that the government's decision to sell state property for palaces of the former regime obsessed by influential actors and old houses.

Committee Chairman Mahmoud Hassan: "The decision to sell state property respect to the limitations of the President of the former regime obsessed by influential parties," adding: "legally presumed to these entities pay rent to the state and retroactively." He said al-Hassan, that "most of the real estate that speaks State for sale now, are the property abandoned or used by the views of a window, and can not provide the investor to buy them has cost between 30 to 50 billion dinars," stressing that "the State old houses inhabited people, this could apply one to buy them. "

He was a member of the Commission on "the economy and investment," the parliamentary Ahmed Kanani, said last week: The Council of Ministers discussed during a meeting before the last parliament with representatives from sale of property state and territory in order to optimize resources, which fell due to the financial crisis experienced by the country.

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