Adviser to Barzani: edit Mosul and the financial crisis the most important participants between Baghdad and the region

2016-02-03 07:23:53 | (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News

Media Advisor to the President of the Kurdistan Region struggle Mahmoud Karim announced on Tuesday that Tvaca between Baghdad and Erbil on to bring Italian experts, to save Iraq from a humanitarian disaster emergency plans could destroy the oldest cities in the region, so as to coincide with the "storming of Mosul process" expected, in the largest The most dangerous strongholds of the organization "Daash" in the country.

Mahmoud said in an interview with the agency "(Sputnik Russian), about the results of the visit the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad as a" positive sign that the high-ranking delegation from the Kurdistan Region visited Baghdad early 2016, pointing out that the most important findings, agreed to form a high-level delegations from the Governments of the center and the region, meet periodically to discuss and develop the accumulated differences between the two solutions, since 2005 until today.

On what was the delegation of Kurdistan, has touched in his talks, to post Alپeshmrگh forces in the expulsion of the organization "Daash" operations of Mosul, Mahmoud said, that there are two files key, away from the differences between the province and Baghdad, has discussed in depth in Mekdmthma edit Mosul and post Alپeshmrگh forces with the Iraqi forces and the international coalition, as well as potential risks in relation to the collapse of the Mosul Dam, on the basis of what appeared in the media and statements by the generals in the US military command.

He added that if it collapsed Mosul Dam, the humanitarian catastrophe will occur, one of the important issues discussed by the delegation with the Iraqi government, especially since there are Italian companies arrived shortly before, is now addressing the flaws in the dam (about 50 km north of the city of Mosul, on the course degla River).

And whether the Kurdish delegation had reached an agreement with the Baghdad government to remedy the dam crisis and the liberalization of Mosul, Mahmoud Mosul is said stronghold important and dangerous for "Daash", a major Iraqi cities, and now under the rule of Aldoaash, and includes two million people, expressing his belief as one of the most important participants between the Government of the region and the center, and "survival organization, however, it is a dagger in the side of the region and a threat to national security of Iraq, is also considered a threat to international peace and security."

He explained that the Mosul Dam (the largest dams Iraq, and the fourth largest dam in the Middle East) is a humanitarian issue, pointing out that the presence of the delegation, an Iraqi Kurd in Erbil, will accelerate the liberalization of Mosul operations and save the dam from collapsing.

And on the participation of existing Turkish troops in "Zlcan" camp in Bashiqa, liberalization processes Mosul, media adviser to the president of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, that "so far there is nothing official on this subject. Turkish troops are located, as the Turkish government officially announced said ... that its forces are present as trainers and advisers. "

He concluded by saying that he "can not be any foreign forces to intervene in Iraq, only at the request of the Iraqi government," noting that the participation of Turkish troops, without consensus or request from the center, in any military operation in the country, "would not be legally or legitimately acceptable" .