Unable to bridge the salaries of its employees and workers. Iraqi factories complain of neglect and imported cheap


It is well known that Iraq Rei, a country whose economy depends on oil by 90%, but the continuing decline of prices, unfortunately, is not pleased the state budget and not the citizen. Keep pace with talk about the interview last economic crisis is the need to activate the industrial sector as a sound is able to meet the budget deficit, the amount of self-sufficiency instead of Iraq remains a consumer countries importer and lift .. According to the Minister of Industry Mohammed Darraji statements in the national industry first conference that Iraq has been spent since 2006 to 2014 approximately three hundred and twenty-one billion dollars to import goods and commodities, that is, around the state budget for three years!
According to statistics, 80% of the factories and plants parked Iraq since 2003! These factories that brought Iraq to the stage of self-sufficiency in the eighties and nineties. Who among us forget canning factories, for example, Karbala, Samarra, or drugs that some people are still required from pharmacies for their confidence in the product quality! These factories that have stopped for several reasons able to revive the Iraqi market as well as the operation of thousands of labor and thus may have also contributed to solving the unemployment crisis ..

Conspiracy to Industry
Talk about the economic crisis has two parts, the first, is a modern Iraqi street, deep decline in oil prices, the second prong is the question about why are not activating the industrial and agricultural sectors to meet the deficit. To talk about how to activate the industrial sector, which missed for many years for the Iraqi market and also in supporting the economy, the general director of the General Company for vegetable oils Hadi slave assistant general director of the General Company for Vegetable Oils (range), saying: had previously suffered from the subject and expected results and in books and reports many previous expectation that the proceeds of the country will depend on the oil industry and therefore destroyed. Adding: there is a conspiracy on the industry, but the industry while play, they play together, the state and the citizen, and not only rely on the state. He stressed: the need to educate the Iraqi citizen of the importance of the acquisition of the national product, because every country in the world measured by their economies and not Braaha through the sale of one's wealth, we are dependent on oil and we have no industry or agriculture.
And on solutions The slave: that rich countries measured by its economy and its industry and not through reliance on a single supplier .. persisting: So if we want advancement must be the promotion of the national product and national industry, either how the work is done are this through the help of the state and the citizens together and the media also Many of the reports prove that an important media in the national product support.

Washing powder, "Sumer"
He added general manager of oil company: that there is a conspiracy against the national industry has been flooding the market with imported goods caused the reluctance of citizens to buy our product and therefore stopped our labs. He explained: for example if we take washing powder "Sumer," an old and well-known powders, the efficiency of the cleaning efficiency of the superiority of many imported products because of the initial excellent article. So it is more expensive ..mhdedda on: the role of the media in educating the citizen to do so. Afterthought: But that does not mean we do not have shortened where we must increase our journalistic our reports and field Julatna our sectors are scattered across the country, including "our industry identity campaign."
The slave went on: Iraq needs 200 thousand tons of detergents while we Ntnj (30) thousand tons only The rest is imported it is not quite so. Afterthought: but it must be such our product specifications. He pointed out: that Iraq needs of edible oil up to 500 thousand tons on the ration card while we Ntantj (50) thousand to 100 thousand tons Felictordoa from other countries that give importance to our production as well.

Mohammed Iron and political prisoners
And on whether these plants capable of delivering Iraq to the stage of self-sufficiency, at least at this stage, which confront the budget deficit, the general manager of oil company plant: the vegetable oil company consisted of factories founded by Mohammed iron group, the industrial man is known, the father of Zaha Hadid . And later it nationalized and became known as "vegetable oils." He added: We have five factories in addition to the industrial structure Press census 4000 was not a member of those who remained after 3500 to transmit a number of them into retirement. Noting: that they have a huge salaries, especially after the return of political dismissed the service and who have been referred for retirement for old age.
He said slave: We need large sums of money to pay the salaries so the factories that operate at high cards or development of additional factories, adding: But even if this is done will not cover salaries fully Froatbna part of which is covered by the Ministry of Finance and the other part through our sales, and even the cover needed the country of our products and especially that we talked about such as edible oils and lotions there must be other industries, and other production lines. Stressing: the importance of the investor and the private sector. For example, if we entered the detergent industry even close the door to the importer we will need five years of continuous work. Speaking ring: say to the stakeholders "No Ngrkoa poor market products not in conformity with the specifications of the national product and thus non-conforming and be priced lower resorts Iraqi citizen at least for the price."

Device standardization and ISO Certification
Our tour continued in the corridors of the factories and the General Company for Vegetable Oils. In washing powder "Sumer" We have received laboratory production, "Hussein his" manager and told us about this powder and why it disappeared from the Iraqi houses, he said: Powder Sumer is currently high productivity and specifications of the Iraqi excellent. Msttrka: As for what is in the local markets from the importer is less efficient than powder Sumer. Noting: The problem is that the importer is in the Iraqi market in abundance, plus it's cheaper because the initial article modest and simple in contrast to the raw material powder in Sumer.
And the difference between domestic production and Almistodr between owner: The big difference if we compare it with the Iraqi product. Where up to Iraq at a cost of between 600 to 700 dinars, while the production cost us up to 1250 Iraqi dinars. Citing the reason is to maintain the specific specifications can not be manipulated as we Observers by measurement and quality control and the Department of Central Health Service, and the factory or company Haslan on quality and international ISO 9001/2008 certificate we can not produce inferior specifications.

Products "Ishtar" and China
Other destination was to Exhibition Industry Co. Light "Ishtar" where we met the hall official "Uday Abbas," who told us about what is in the hall of the national industries, and how is the turnout customers to buy Iraqi Product saying (range): light industry company "Ishtar "refrigerators and cookers, heaters and very luxurious and upscale qualities made. Afterthought: but really lacking support by the ministry and by the competent authorities as the Chinese and other product became cheaper than the quality of our product, which is subject to control and cut import a very good collection.
And on government departments not to buy the company's products and the ministry in general and buy them, said the exhibition hall of the company Ishtar: a small percentage of citizens manager come to buy their lack of knowledge of the lab. He added: As for the procurement departments, I expect it is subject to a cheaper policy, and citizens looking for aesthetic and perhaps not looking for precision. He explained: the citizen does not know that the national product available in the market and the product is subject to quality control according to international conditions. Adding: Here comes the role of the media in the local product support.
He stressed hall director View company Ishtar: The Light Industries Company and all other national companies in dire need of support because the cost has become more costly than we produce. Support way: as what is available in much cheaper than the market and our product that we can not compete with, or that we make campaign ads about the national product, for example, because of the cost of the campaign.

Electronic computers and phones Iraq
In the General Company for the electronics industry "Guitar" We met sales and marketing director of "Anmar Hashem," which talked about the challenge of Iraqi cadres assemble and manufacture of modern television screens or Asamart Fonz and other devices where the (range): It is a big challenge from the start, and the truth since the beginning of the establishment in 1973 the company engineering and technical personnel in place and supported. Mstrsla: where they are sent out of Iraq to engage in sessions in addition to the purchase of modern and advanced laboratories in order to keep up with scientific development that occurs abroad and introduce it in the production of national and industry lines. He said, adding: As you notice in the exhibition are not Mguetbarn on modern TV screens and flat, but we moved to assemble and manufacture of devices and phones also tablet computers ..
And the turnout on the purchase, and is especially fell and the Iraqi market after 2003 opened up to the world and where a lot of foreign goods? Hashim said: The truth is that there is competition, the Iraqi market is open but we contemplate from the ministry and the state that supports our industry so that the Iraqi people familiar with the existing knowledge of products and its evolution. Noting: this does not fall to us only, but the responsibility of the state to educate citizens the importance of supporting national industry and guided through its departments first and then move to the citizen. The director went on sale in the hall Electronic Industries Company "Harp": we aspire to raise the production rate afterthought: But before raising the production rate should we get the confidence of the citizen after he recognizes our goods acquired and try and efficiency. Saying: This is enhanced when we will raise the confidence of our production capacity and we can also look at the prices again to suit the situation and the Iraqi citizens and the development of the market and the cost of the product ..