Rafidain Bank .. serious steps encourage citizens to save & increase customer profit
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Thread: Rafidain Bank .. serious steps encourage citizens to save & increase customer profit

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    Rafidain Bank .. serious steps encourage citizens to save & increase customer profit

    Rafidain Bank .. serious steps to encourage citizens to save and increase customer profit

    Hamid Shihab Tuesday, February 2, 2016

    As part of his quest to contribute to the mitigation of the effects and consequences of the severe economic crisis in the country, and in order to reassure tens of thousands of citizens to their deposits and money in it, the Rafidain Bank in the current administration efficient seeks to study the proposal to increase the proportion of depositors' profits, in order to ensure access to liquidity on the one hand and compete with private banks, in addition to providing banking service to its customers it serves in hand, they get more profit.

    In this context, also Rafidain Bank has assured its customers on the conservation and protection of their money deposited with him, saying, Hasib senior source at the Rafidain Bank, the existence of a study of the proposal to increase the proportion of customers profit to enter the government banks to compete with other banks to stimulate the public to save the bank, rather than a freeze on assets they have without investment.

    According to banking and finance that would move figures to encourage the fields of financial and investment banking for customers and companies interested to develop projects in the country to contribute to the mitigation of the consequences of the economic crisis and out of it at the lowest possible losses.
    Bankers confirms that the Rafidain Bank is one of the most important and prominent discreet financial institutions is not at the level of the country only, but the region has never seen since the date of its establishment in 1941, any delay or fraud and breach of money deposited with him being a follower of the government and the money deposited in it serves as the religion of the government repaid to the customer when willing, in addition to the commitment regardless of annual profits.

    He noted the banking source said management of the bank assured customers their savings and urging them to deposit their money in the bank for the purpose of investment, confirming the presence of a study proposal to increase the proportion of annual customers profit to enter into competition with other banks and to encourage citizens to invest their money rather than frozen.
    The experts, money and economy have pointed out that the country is suffering an economic crisis may affect the banking because of the government's borrowing from them.

    In order to create a reminder for this step and study the positive effects on the banking business research division and marketing the banking subsidiary of the Bank has organized a seminar entitled General principles for the concept of banking marketing touched on the definition of the concept of banking marketing and promoting missions marketing staff in order to ensure the customer flow and streamlined banking service with ease, efficiency and effectiveness.
    Press office of the bank said that the management of the bank is seeking to submit a set of proposals and answers to some questions the participants also discussed the work obstacles experienced by some branches for the purpose of study and deliver them to the concerned authorities to develop appropriate solutions.

    The Rafidain Bank has announced the expansion of issuing smart card for employees and retirees outlets in its branches in Baghdad and Mahafezat.oukal press office said in a statement that the bank deliberately to increase the number of its stations, specifically in the province of Basra, which saw the expansion work to be four stations as a result of the momentum of winning in issuing smart card categories covered by explaining that the action goal to provide the necessary facilities for employees and retirees without any obstacles or problems and alleviate the suffering they face during the release process.

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