Central Bank calls on citizens to the acquisition of national bonds instead of "Tknez their money."

Author: HH, MK
Editor: the AT, HH

2016/02/01 18:25

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Called on the Central Bank of Iraq, on Monday, citizens to the acquisition of national bonds, which will present soon, rather than reliance on "hoarding money", as he emphasized that those bonds will have a "good financial benefits."

The governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords during a press conference in the Green Zone in central Baghdad, with a number of officials in economic affairs and attended (range Press), said that "national bonds would investigate citizen good financial returns," noting that "the Central Bank put interest on the bonds so that compete on foreign interest. "

He called on citizens to "the acquisition of national bonds, which will put it soon rather than the adoption of hoarding money," pointing out that "the central bank wants to bring in the interest of the citizen through internal bonds instead of resorting to asking foreign bonds."

The Central Bank of Iraq announced earlier, take the necessary measures to support liquidity in the banking system, and decided to facilitate the sale of foreign currency "to sustain the exchange rate" procedures.

The Central Bank of Iraq, said in (the 18th of January 2015), that the financial reserve for Iraq equivalent and a half times the weakness of the currency bloc, returned as "best rates" in the countries of the world, and as he emphasized that Iraqi financial institutions are "unable" to cover the fiscal deficit, he stressed the need to reconsider the structure of the budget and spending and to diversify sources of income and achieve the investment more broadly to address the decline in oil prices.