Iraq begins its first week the index was up by 1.41%
/ January 31, 2016 18:47

Iraq begins its first week the index was up by 1.41%

BAGHDAD - Baghdad News .. enables the general index of the Iraqi market for securities ISX 60 rise by the end of the trading session on Sunday, 1.41% winner 8.88 points to reach the level of 638.54 points.
The value of trades rose today to 1.83 billion dinars, compared to the value of Thursday's session of trading amounting to 635.73 million dinars, the size of 2.2 billion shares traded through 638 transactions.
The index support today's high stock prices of 22 companies out of 39 companies were traded on the stock, while stock prices fell 6 companies.
The Gulf Commercial Bank shares at the forefront of gainers by 10% to the price of 0.44 dinars, and the same proportion Baghdad rose to packaging materials for the price of 1.32 dinars.
While carpets and upholstery losers shares issued 7.25% to 3.71 dinars price, fell desert of public transport 3.75% at a price of 0.77 dinars.
The general index of the Iraq market may decline by the end of Thursday's trading session, up 0.04%, or 0.27 points reached out to the level of 629.66 points.