Hakim: People crowd participation in the liberation of Mosul and a national necessity imposed by the merits of the battle

2016-01-31 00:28:16 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

With the escalation of accomplished security and edit more regions and cities dominated by Daash after 06.14.2014 and no other achievements was the liberalization of gray, preceded Tikrit and Aqditha down to Peggy However forefront the issue of Mosul and edit the priorities of the current and prospective synchronize with the battle to liberate Fallujah security files, and here highlights the role of the popular crowd to participate in the battle of liberation of Mosul, as required by the battle of many tactics, where Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council stressed the need for the participation of the popular crowd in the liberation of Mosul, indicating that the participation of a national necessity imposed by the merits of the battle and speed desired them and keep the city from destruction , at the same time stressing the importance of face Daash unconventional tactics it was also in Baiji, extracted advanced level in a few days.
Mr. Ammar al-Hakim and the opinion of the Office of Baghdad political elites in his office in Baghdad on Saturday 30/1/2016 that the city of Mosul, the city of diversity and the exclusion of any party to participate in the edit action in the interest of Daash and its goal, which sought where to tear the social fabric, pointing out that the liberalization of the connector needs to be many of the forces to be a battle and decisive judge and quick, and many are not provided, but the participation of everyone, calling on the House of Representatives to discuss the news that talk about bringing US troops as consultants with Iraqi forces or mission concentration between Mosul and the side of the Syrian forces, noting that such matters should be discussed voice high and are well known to the people and Omthleehm who have the final say by allowing or not, pointing out that the events of Muqdadiyah Holt and underwent an exaggeration, although it condemned by everyone, and everyone was at the head of the religious authority there is no room to justify the mistakes.
His Eminence person problematic Iraq administration, saying "We have no problem in as much money as what we have a problem in his administration and we have no problem in the water as much as we have a problem in water management and so on," a reference mistakes made in previous years for a lack of the political forces of the experience, but he also but the important thing today It is how to deal with mistakes and minimize, stressing the importance of looking for type in choices with keeping the national balance is reassuring for all, stressing at the same time the importance of civil peace as an input basis in the political solution, recalling that Daash is not a criminal gang but compressor political project on the Iraqi unity and civil peace .
Chairman of the Supreme Council after the interventions of the audience and reiterated that the Iraqis are in the same boat and everyone should be aware that much and drowning drowned everyone in Deliverance will come out everyone to safety, calling on the Iraqi parties to sit down with the vision of a unified Iraq and the interest of Iraq and put an end to foreign intervention, stressing the importance of Legislative reform salvation of crippling laws as soon as possible, as well as the distribution of tasks and roles.
And on the economic reality of His Eminence, "the challenges and opportunities a direct correlation," said the more the challenge is significant whenever the opportunity its size, indicating that the Iraq front of an opportunity to mobilize agricultural, industrial and tourism potentials for the salvation of the phenomenon of the rentier state, as well as local product support and the protection of competition with the importer in addition to supporting farmers and securing the food basket.
Politically al-Hakim warned of the danger of political miscarriage agent charges between some of the some of the other, indicating that the anti-corruption always collide with air corrupt legal for corruption but this does not preclude a redoubling of efforts and the enactment of laws that will enable the Iraqi state from striking corruption heads and refund, while expressed his concern that corruption affects the idea of ​​selling state property, calling on (the sale was made) that the sale be through the competent committees and that the process has fully transparent in front of everyone and the first of them citizen.
Mosul Dam, and being raised him from fears among Eminence that address dam Balthacah stopped in for a long what damaged the dam periods, and the government someone chairman put the issue at the top Alaolulyat, assured that what is said about the dam where a large dramatize regardless of the size of the exported from the remarks, while "The government is considering the status of the dam between two other German and Italian for the development of treatments required."