Statement of His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Kazem al-Husseini Mr. Haeri (long live blooming) on ​​the plot to divide Iraq and weaken it:

2016-01-31 00:33:49 | (Voice of Iraq) - Statement of Grand Ayatollah Kazem al-Husseini Mr. Haeri (long live blooming) on ​​the plot to divide Iraq and weaken it:

In the name of Allah the Merciful

O our children Distinguished .. O noble people .. What a language is Iraq in the present circumstances a positive for the sadness of your father and Uath, my heart will not endure this tragedy now hanging over throughout the country my family and my children and my family, I see on the horizon intriguing landmarks that warned Almtsidin for, inter alia, in the data Earlier, as shown them enough Nashah revealed they have for vulnerabilities .. Here are today entering Iraq and its people the case of dispersion in strength, and subservience to the foreigner in the sovereignty and pride of his family, and landing on his status and his position among the nations at the sight of politicians and the media, and decision-makers, parliamentarians, and on Men and ears of the government aware of them, namely, the strife of the American project for the region in general and Iraq in particular; Where signs of the disintegration of Iraq and divide appear in digging the trench around the northern areas of the country, and the presence of Turkish troops on the territory of Nineveh, and the declaration of the regional government in the north to put the draft secession of the Kurdish people, but the promises of the Americans with the blessing and support of the regional government in the north if the announced separation from government Central.

And appear to weaken Iraq's military and security project dissolving the crowd People's Holy forces, and the isolation of some of its leaders sincere, so that the enemy US after weakening Iraq militarily to pass his project, which was announced previously with him from sending foreign ground forces fighter protects the implementation of the scheme which is the division of Iraq, one of the first American project milestones priorities.

But some of the men of the American project and call him explicitly intervention in inciting Sunni brothers in the western provinces, and encourage them to declare an independent status to them, come in this context confessional statements of a man Saudi security who works as an ambassador in Iraq, where it was included to stir up sectarian strife, and elongated to our children People in the crowd, and represents a blatant interference in Iraqi affairs ..

All this in order to end up to politicians to accept the division of Iraq into three regions are subject to the head of a federal rule in Baghdad as a basis set by the United States to resolve the hot run in Iraq.

Via my children and my family .. announced to you today also announced previously: that I will spare no effort in the defense of Your Excellency, and your pride, and your security, and integrity of your land at all costs .. and I say it from a position of responsibility and to complete the argument for Mutian sedition: The unity of the country and its security, sovereignty and dignity of his family highly values , and the interests of the basis, not of hand ignored or bypassed, or appeasement them no matter what the cost, and is primarily concerned with this matter is the government, and shall refrain from humiliating attitudes toward what threatens the foundation values ​​and the best interests of the country, and carries its men my advice this as seriously towards the temptation to divide Iraq before it is too late and the loss of Iraq Ptkhazlkm and Thaonkm toward the American project which recorded history a black mark in the newspaper of your work in sight of God and future generations, and believe in you, telling the faithful peace be upon him: (God, that man can be the enemy of himself, sweating flesh, and smashed its skull bone, and livery his skin, his inability to great, weak as it included wings chest, so be you that if you will ..). Nahj, sermon: 34.

In this context, we have to know: that the Americans top of all evil and corruption in the world )ma entered the village AVsduha and made the noblest of its people submissive as well as Aflon( ants: 34 and that our people and our people in Iraq live and vigilant nation, and the ear conscious of tips rational terms of reference that will not allow the enemy by passing malicious projects. And that the Kurdish people will not deceive him jealous importing independence of America and Israel slogan, which still remembers the positions of these foreigners in the thirties and forties of the last century of his case, and distinguishes between them and the Shiite position to defend it, and forbidden to fight. As the children aware of the precious Sunni community that global Zionism that dominate today on the major joints in the American state institutions and decision-making US not and will not think of the interests of the Muslim year of service or were Shiites, Arabs or Kurds were; As long enmity in their history enough people and rob them and humiliate them and kill them to reveal this fact, and their crimes in Gaza, far away from us, but God in them he said, believe those who say: )ltjdn most hostile to those who believe and Jews who Ohrqua(. Table: 82.

And aspects of my speech at this historic moment difficult to Almtsidin of responsibilities, collectively, and at all levels of the political, executive and parliamentary and judicial .. they failed to withstand the Secretariat, and the performance of responsibility towards their people and their homeland, and special mention of them government, which tended in their positions executed American project destination in the country, it must be correct path and return to the True Aserat, let them know that the Iraqi people may be proud, but gives no neglect.

O men of parties and political organizations and gatherings .. know if God Atqeetm in this oppressed people, and Thompsktm Bhablh Almighty, and I met I spoke to you on this Iraqi nation oppressed service, then it is good all the best with you, has Ntbekm God to sit Bhablh, and Nhakm about to disperse, the undisputable God God, the sky blessings inflicted on Iraq, and the earth brought forth its fruit, and the Almighty said, believe those who say: Lord )oma was to destroy villages and its people Msalehon( injustice. Hood: 117.

Weah valued the nation's scientists, and oh science students in seminaries blessed .. warning has come and educate the nation responsibilities and work to thwart the anti-foreign project to the interests of the nation time.

Weah gone from his face splitting of the men inside America and the region, it was tongue-speaking and working her hand .. considered sequel of walked before you in this way; As the American cunning policy has been, and still do not understand the valuable high-handed, nor morally transcendent, nor the principles of a true fixed, but spin what took place national interests, and necessitated by its foreign policy, it is to exploit the potential of came before you who are obsessed with power and its might, if they meet the purpose and reached Bgatha As put forward by their food waste .. betting on its promises and projects bet failed when all of a sound mind.

Oh God, I bear witness: I did my Secretariat, and the message was, V)aa people have believed that if you put your trust in God he * if you are Muslims and they said to unleash our Lord God does not make us a temptation for people Zalim(. Yunus: 84-85. and thank Allah the god of everything.

Kazem al-Husseini al-Haer