Abdul-Mahdi: There is a national agreement to re-establish the national oil company

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News}

Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said that there is a national agreement on the re-establishment of the national oil company.
A statement by the Ministry of Oil and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on Saturday, that "The oil ministry held the first day of the monthly forum under the title of {the Iraqi national oil company, and the prospects for the advancement of the oil industry} has been discussed with him the founding of the National Oil Company Law, legal, technical and deportation, the economic feasibility of the subject.
"said Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, in his speech at the forum that" there is a national agreement on the importance of re-establishing national oil company, according to a deliberate steps legally and economically to return to normal for the oil sector, like the World countries producing oil and gas, which is run by national oil companies emanated from oil companies specialized.
"The minister added:" We today in preparation for the establishment of the company stage, and we must put our objectives to it, including that the company be the first property of the Iraqi people and in line with what came in the Iraqi constitution, and that is every citizen shares in This company, and here we must distinguish between state ownership and public property, and is the owner of the right.
"He pointed out Abdul-Mahdi, to the need to establish a national company for oil and gas not be only oil company, and so begin a new history of gas investment, in addition to oil; to ensure the future wealth prospects and new industry oil environment-friendly.

"The minister stressed the need to ensure provincial rights in order to ensure equitable distribution of wealth, and that establishes a relationship {brilliance} between the federal government, local governments, and have this relationship in line with the Constitution, and the law of oil and gas that will be passed.
He said "It should be the national oil company and its subsidiaries be an engine for economic revival not only for the oil sector, but also for other sectors to apply the logo {oil-for Reconstruction and Development}; to get rid of dependence on oil as a key resource for the State of the course."
For his part, Undersecretary older Fayad Hassan grace in his speech, said that "the forum comes from the duty of the Ministry to put forward their ideas and projects, and the starting of integration with the Parliament to take a significant step to issue instructions away from the intersections."
He said the agent that "professional event and not a political want through the announcement of the state of the Ministry of Oil and events.
"gave the agent a detailed explanation of all forms of ownership of natural resources in the world, including government and national ownership, and the Royal family as in Saudi Arabia, and Brunei, and the Gulf states, except Kuwait, and private ownership and local companies, and property of citizens, as in {Alaska}.
He added that" Iraq The exception of oil-producing countries; for not having the time being the national oil company, which has been integrated in the eighties of the last century in the oil companies operating now. "and included a speech agent also a number of issues concerning the characteristics of the national companies and objectives. As the Director General of the Department Legal in the ministry Laith Shahir word which he referred to the legal dimensions of the founding of the national oil company, Aptdaha with a brief historical establishment of the Iraqi national company in the sixties of the last century, also gave an explanation of the need and the benefits of re-activation of the company, which will give the independence of the executive decision, and improve efficiency, and optimization of fields, stressing the need to reshape the company before taking any further action, also pointed out that it will provide financial and logistics subsidiaries and affiliates, and will work to increase production. and then was take another lectures by some oil experts to complete the technical and legal vision to the theme of the forum was open field in front of the audience to express their views and their interventions in the subject that the ministry confirmed it the focus of respect. attended the forum and former oil minister Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum, and a number of members of the Energy Committee in the House of Representatives, agents, general managers, in addition to Iraqi oil experts who have served in the oil ministry earlier time. Ended h